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Re: True Patch Gold Edition -- DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK
« Reply #306 on: December 09, 2017, 12:13:57 PM »
Nice to see that work is still being done, amazed with the graphics dx progress.

Well, I have some bad news. I have decided NOT to release the DX9 graphics upgrade, mainly because it would go against the tradition of the True Patch series. It isn't a bug fix... it's a mod and with only a few small exceptions, I've always tried to avoid adding any mods into the True Patch.

I may release it separately as a VTMB graphics mod --  we'll see. It isn't actually mine, anyway... all I've done is take the SweetFX mod and re-tune it for VTMB. And while it's true that I also made a couple of code changes to the VTMB engine, in order to make it work better with SweetFX, it's still a mod -- not a bug fix. SO... I won't be including it within the True Patch. Sorry, folks. :'(

It seems that the solution should be simple if he can address it with his. It seems like there's a fix with the vampire.dll file that bypasses the problem.

Yes... it's a line of code that tells the engine to search for the SafeDisk driver, prior to loading the main menu. But as I have said, I have no interest in supporting Windows 10 -- therefore, I won't be bothering with it. If someone in the VTMB community wants to submit their own "TPG on Windows 10" fix for this issue, then by all means... go ahead and do so, with my blessing. 

Truth be told, folks... for the past 11 years, I've done my bit to support VTMB. More than my bit, frankly. The TPG is still the best patch on the web for VTMB, and it doesn't need any further enhancements.

Of course, the rest of you are free to make your own alternative patches -- if you feel that the TPG is somehow flawed or inadequate.

Way back on December 14, 2011, I stumbled into this forum having found out about the patch, asking some stupid questions in retrospect about the two patches. I thank you, deeply, for doing this much for this long.

I hope someone does or you consider your own release. At the moment I'm running the true patch but with the dll file from the other thing.

Seems to work so far... only error I noticed was that after the intro execution, it showed a blank hall instead of the characters leaving. I think that happened to me before in pure runs anyway though. Also the beheading scene is missing.

Honestly, I'd do the work myself if I could just to make sure the file was untainted by wesp. I can only pray that someone with better knowledge takes a stab.

I'd love to work on the scripts for the game, fix the subtitles to match the spoken dialog in most cases (There are a lot of cases where the subtitles are lacking), and do the basic grammar tweaks. Not sure if it'd be worth starting it up as a project though if development for the patch is done.

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