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Author Topic: The new list: UP: List Of Mods/Changes Added To VTMB  (Read 41230 times)
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« on: June 02, 2011, 01:25:21 AM »

Well the new list is done and its a long one. For the sake of accuracy I am only showing the “Basic” version of Wesp's UP in this list, so I dont want to hear “you left parts of the plus version in your list” or “you didn't use his change log”. It's a moot point and it's Wesp's patch notes. So dont even think it. I'm just trying to show those who dont understand (or are too lazy), what Wesp has done to Bloodlines over the years.

I also removed the listing for Turvy's tools, DanUpRight's work, the True Patch and offkorn's work, because they can be found in another list. Which is sticked on this broad. Also for the sake of size I have removed the listings for versions 1.3 to 3.5, which is before Wesp created the so-called basic and plus patch versions. The total number of changes for basic will not be altered.

Some of the actual fixes in the Unofficial Patch and even a couple of the mods (that could be considered fixes), are similar as what is found in the True Patch. The big difference is, that the TP was designed and built to fix the bugs in the original game without altering it to the authors personal preference. I can not say the same about the UP, it has been altered too the point that it no longer resembles the original game. Dont get me wrong here, I love modding my games, mods can add re-playability to an old game, but Wesp forces his mods/restorations on the users of the Basic UP, not just the Plus+ version users. That said, on to the list.

Sorry for what looks like a jumbled mess, but this site apparently doesn't like open office.

Unofficial Patch Basic/Wesp5      v1.3 to v7.5      5/2011

Quoted from Wesp5's own patch notes:
The default basic patch fixes multiple bugs and restores only unused content that has little impact on the gameplay. The optional plus(+) patch adds further improvements and restored content, see changelog.

Judge for yourself, but the comment in orange is a false statement “in my opinion, and the statement about the so-called plus(+) patch is misleading.

Legend for comments
POSSIBLE FIX = Maybe a true bug fix or one Wesp created himself
? = Questionable, maybe a real bug fix or something Wesp created, uncertain about listing
RESTORATION = Put back to original state
N D = Need details, need more details why it needed fixing. More information please
W B = Something Wesp broke threw a previous change or mod
CHECK-XXX = Check listed line or version number to see where bug/issue possibly came from

UP-v1.3 to v7.5 changes   Number of listed mods/changes at this point 1233 in total

v1.5                     14.06.2005
1. Corrected a bug that kept the Santa Monica haven active for Tremere         (ARBITRARY)
Much later in the Unofficial Patch's history Wesp restored this “BUG” as a mod.

v1.9                     01.12.2005
2. Resized unspectacular lower resolution fonts for better readability         ?
Does anyone else here, see where this is going to lead?

v2.5                     30.06.2006
3. Made Tseng not offer blood as he doesn't even know about vampires         (MOD)
Please tell us, how do you know this? Do you happen to be Brian Mitsoda or Tim Caine in disguise? Thats real smart....get rid of 1 out of 2 blood venders in the game. Oh I'm sorry you killed or pissed off Vandal now you cant buy any blood, to bad for you, if you use the UP.

v3.6                                                    23.05.2007
This is the point where Wesp created the Plus version and it is unknown if anything above was omitted, restored to its original state or remains in the Basic version (this is why we need details Wesp). I will remove what I can find or alter my comments as needed.

4. Made serial killer react to violence                     (WASN'T BROKE)(CHECK-v2.3)
5. Made Bertram react to attacks                        (MOD)
6. Fixed player shown alive at wrong endings                  (W B)(CHECK-v3.4)
7. Restored warform hop                           ?(NEED DETAILS)
8. Repaired Boris, Kerri, Mercurio, Heather and newscaster dialogues         (W B)(CHECK-v1.6/1.7/2.0/2.3/2.7)
9. Fixed lockpicking and pickup sounds and some NPCs not staying dead         (W B)(CHECK-v1.8/1.9/2.5)
10. Adjusted Heather's last clothes, more props                  (W B)(CHECK-v3.4)
11. Fixed minor text issues                           (FIX)(CHECK-v1.6/2.1/2.2/2.3/8)
Wesp we realize that English is not your native language, so please stop messing with all of the “text, subtitles, quest logs and dialogue's let those “who know the language well” do it.
12. Repaired Blood Strike, Salvo and Purge working sometimes not right         (MOD)(W B)(CHECK-v1.6)
13. Fixed two wrong auras in Santa Monica clinic and endgame taxi bug         ? (POSSIBLE FIXES)
14. Restored Desert Eagle ammo model and fixed other inventory details         (W B)(CHECK-v2.1)
15. Swapped several female hunters that were talking with male voices         (W B)(CHECK-v1.7)
16. Fixed domination, replica katana                     (W B)(CHECK-v2.9)
17. Fixed Empire hotel lockpicking bugs                     (W B)(CHECK-v1.9/2.0)
18. Corrected conditions for Vandal, Trip and Mercurio during endgame         (W B)(CHECK-6)
19. Replaced broken female fire axe texture, thanks to Offkorn and Doe         (W B)
20. Restored lines of Andrei, Gary, Trip, Mercurio and of two endings         (MOD)

v3.7                                                    12.06.2007
21. Restored Leopold Society clans and clan equipments for multiplayer         (MOD)
22. Swapped low dodge book and dodge item places at hotel and mansion         (MOD)
23. Made indirect disciplines not traceable and decreased maximal ammo         (W B)(CHECK-v3.5)
24. Removed humanity gains from Milligan                     (W B)(CHECK-v3.5)
25. Fixed Wong Ho background                        (W B)(CHECK-v1.3/2.1)
26. Fixed several crosshair issues                        (W B)(CHECK-v1.4/2.7)
27. Fixed wrong icons near the Dane crane                     (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
28. Corrected several tutorial popups and mentioned camera adjustment         (W B)(CHECK-v2.3)
29. Repaired critical basic patch bugs and restored overlooked changes         (W B)(N D)+VERSION LEFT OVER
30. Fixed clinic guard humanity loss                        (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
31. Fixed some minor text issues                        (W B)(CHECK-13)
32. Removed Masquerade redemption for Patty                  (MOD)(CHECK-v2.4/2.5)
33. Removed double xp for sending Patty away                  (MOD)
The double xp was a left over from the +version conversion. Your only supposed to get 2XP for completing the quest.
34. Made Potence fit description and finally fixed npctemplate* files         ?(CHECK-v2.1)
35. Corrected Arthur's $201 reward                        (ARBITRARY)
36. Corrected Vandal, Ji and Slater lines issues                  (W B)(CHECK-11)
37. Removed player knowing the names of Ox's patron and Asian vampire         (MOD)
Why? Let people use their imaginations, you could have gotten that info from anywhere in your investigations.
38. Prevented picking of two Temple doors                     (MOD)
39. Repaired Hollywood music                        (WASNT BROKE)

v3.8                                                    03.07.2007
40. Added humanity gain for saving Johansen instead of missing torture         (MOD)
41. Modified placeholder names and descriptions of four upgrade books         (MOD)
42. Made NPCs act comforting to more disciplines and added male sounds         (MOD)
43. Altered duplicate Lu Fang conditions                     (W B)(CHECK-v2.1)
44. Re-added Nadia sentences                        (W B)(CHECK-v2.0/11)
45. Made Vandal more talkative and Milligan react right when dominated         (MOD)
46. Repaired completing Larry's quest being impossible in basic patch         (W B)(CHECK-v2.9/3.1)
This^^ is why a patch should be separate from the mods to begin with.
47. Added and corrected inspection nodes for containers at Ocean House         (MOD)
48. Fixed GLOCK running animation                        (W B)
49. Corrected SWAT crosshair errors                     (W B)
50. Swapped teleporting female Lasombra                     (MOD)
51. Fixed a Nines dialogue bug                        (W B)(CHECK-11)
52. Restored cabbie and E lines and fixed some of Bertram and Strauss         (W B)(CHECK-11)
And everyone wonders why the dialogues are so buggy, in Wesp's work?
53. Fixed Potence, Ravens, Trance, Wipe and Hysteria issues and sounds         (WASN'T BROKE)

v3.9                                                    16.07.2007
54. Removed Wong Ho and Ming dialogue loops                  (W B)(CHECK-11)
55. Fixed some overlooked basic patch details like Galdjum at Tseng's         (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
56. Added icon to Giovanni lever                        (POSSIBLE FIX)
57. Lowered Leopold barrel inspection                     (MOD)
58. Locked Johansen in                           (MOD)
59. Fixed a possible bug in the Giovanni crypt                  (W B)(CHECK-v2.1/2.2)
60. Made Venture debris stay longer and be visible through the windows         (ARBITRARY)
61. Allowed only one visit to each supply destination at taxi endgame         (MOD)
62. Made female Sabbat LaSombra only and swapped some Hallowbrook guns      (MOD)
63. Corrected Al's mumbling at the beachhouse and apologizing to Knox         (W B)
64. Fixed Steyr AUG damage                        (W B)(CHECK-v1.6)
65. Hid unimplemented dialogue history keys                  ?(MOD)
66. Prevented entering burning warehouse                     (POSSIBLE FIX)
67. Fixed a domination issue                        (POSSIBLE FIX)(N D)
68. Fixed doors at Venture Tower and Temple                  (W B)(CHECK-v2.1/3.1/38)
69. Fixed a lip-synchro for Phil                        (POSSIBLE FIX)

v4.0                                                    17.08.2007
70. Restored rat crowd to warrens and ancient text to Leopold Society         (ARBITRARY)(MOD)
71. Placed library keycard at Ramen                     (MOD)
72. Fixed some minor text problems                     (W B)(CHECK-11)
73. Moved dogs into junkyard and Skelter to Nines' side at one ending         (MOD)
74. Swapped cop Anacondas with Ithacas                     (MOD)
75. Made Pisha leave eventually                        (ARBITRARY)
76. Restored Romero to be back after his quest and fixed zombie scene         (W B)(CHECK-v2.1)
77. Fixed cut off conversations                        (FIX)(NEED DETAILS)
I believe that this may have something to do with the sound card issues. (Addition) Later learned that this is an issue with some of the conversations, especially the Sabbot warehouse and the Leopold Society. Changed comment to match.
78. Restored a hidden coversation to warehouse                  (MOD)
79. Restored hidden models to Dane, to Blood Hunt and on junkyard map         (MOD)
80. Placed Russians more inconspicuous and removed the two added locks         (MOD)
81. Removed cop cars from the Santa Monica pier after the police left         (MOD)
82. Added Fu Syndicate emergency doorcode                  (MOD)
83. Restored tire iron skill                           (W B)
84. Recovered three unseen newspapers                     (MOD)
85. Repaired a newspaper mix up                        (W B)
86. Renamed "Replica Katana" "Shin Gunto" and restored two item models         (MOD)
Oh yes, lets go from a fake or replica, to a WWII Officer Katana (usually stamped by its creator and a named superior sword), good call there.
87. Made Mercurio's email arrive later and fixed several email issues         (MOD)
88. Repaired warrens electrical terminal computer and fixed many props         (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
89. Added some missing inspection nodes and made diner cook move more      (MOD)
90. Changed Giovanni vampire guard stats and restored Dane crane icons         (MOD)
91. Fixed Tong sounds at Zhao's                        (POSSIBLE FIX)
92. Fixed Hannah, Milligan and Pisha issues                     ?(W B)(N D)
93. Repaired Trip and Vandal not choosable at endgame in special cases         ?(W B)
94. Fixed several name issues and explained others using loading tips         ?(W B)
95. Added missing doors to Venture Tower rooftop and Blood Hunt levels         ?(MOD)(CHECK-68)
96. Turned your Santa Monica haven into Elysium area when Jack visits         (MOD)
97. Improved Barabus' hack position and made PCs accessable afterwards         ?(MOD)
98. Corrected Chunk's brother's subtitles and changed Chunk dance fix         ?(POSSIBLE FIX)(W B)
99. Reformatted Sin Bin inventory pages and fixed more minor PC issues         (W B)
100. Put Heather's name in the morgue file in case you left her to die      (ARBITRARY)

v4.1                                                    28.08.2007
101. Put morphine into cs cabinet                     (MOD)
102. Fixed a Danielle persuasion error                  (WESP BROKE)
103. Added a humane farewell line to Heather               (MOD)
104. Fixed a Tourette loop                        (WESP BROKE)
105. Lowered hacking skill of Asylum computers               (MOD)
106. Swapped Copper lines                        (MOD)
107. Made police investigate Gallery crime independent of your actions      (WASNT BROKE)
108. Corrected a Vandal condition and several similar dialogue problems      (W B)(CHECK-11)
109. Repaired broken Romero quest return                  (W B)(CHECK-76)
110. Several minor text issues                     (W B)(CHECK-11)

v4.2                                                    19.09.2007
111. Reconstructed Bertram's pc and incooperated text of unused emails      (MOD)
112. Made Tawni quest show failure at once                  (MOD)
113. Added Tourette condition                     (MOD)(CHECK-104)
114. Translated Russian text                        (MOD)
115. Fixed Boris' and Chunk's fight scenes                  (WESP BROKE)
116. Restored over 20 never heard NPC lines, thanks for the list to mzz      (MOD)
117. Fixed laser beams, thanks to RobinHood70               (ARBITRARY)
118. Made Milligan leave after intimidation and Pisha react accordingly      ?(ARBITRARY)
119. Adjusted Mitnick's position                     (ARBITRARY)
120. Adjusted some subtitles and more text details               (W B)(CHECK-11)
121. Fixed clipping and blocking Venture Tower debris, thanks to MooCHa      (POSSIBLE FIX)
I dont remember there being an issue here, or why he would bother fixing something that may have been left for a reason.
122. Removed last respawning at Giovanni mansion and alert state error      (MOD)(W B)
123. Corrected clerk adressing women "Sir"                  (ARBITRARY)
124. Fixed some badly placed decals                     (W B)(N D)
125. Repaired possible syntax issues for many dialogues, thanks to mzz      (W B)(CHECK-11)
126. Fixed some dialogue problems of Knox, Skelter, LaCroix and Heather      (W B)(CHECK-11)
127. Made SM blueblood stay dead and cop cars on pier vanish correctly      (W B)(CHECK-81)

v4.3                                                    05.11.2007
128. Unhid erotic situation in Chinatown                  (WASNT BROKE)
129. Fixed prostitutes hair bug                     ?(NEED DETAILS)
130. Restored over 60 unused lines, thanks for the list to RobinHood70      (MOD)
131. Prevented dead Chunk from dancing                  (MOD)(WESP BROKE)
132. Fixed Lotus tub guy reaction                     (POSSIBLE FIX)
133. Restored over 30 missing sounds                  (MOD)
134. Removed crackhouse respawning                  (WESP BROKE)
135. Made prostitute leave you when attacked               ?(NEED DETAILS)
136. Removed some more keys                     (ARBITRARY)
137. Allowed some more feeding from Heather and improved her last scene      (MOD)
138. Improved Bach and Johnny cutscenes and Chang disciplines immunity      (MOD)
139. Made Pisha's quests fail on fight and fixed Gallery bar inspection      (ARBITRARY)
140. Repaired bum, Mercurio, Tseng, Yukie and Danielle dialogue issues      (W B)(CHECK-11)
141. Fixed new line on phone not working and minor log and text details      (W B)(CHECK-11)
142. Unstuck Ricky and swapped a few prostitutes to separate like ones      (MOD)
143. Repaired Cal not letting you up                     (W B)
144. Dead Mercurio sending an email                  (ARBITRARY)
145. Corrected Flynn giving guymag for free                  ?
146. Corrected a Nadia dialogue error                  (W B)(CHECK-11)
You have been into so many of Nadia's files that its hard to tell where the real bugs end and yours begin.
147. Fixed laser beams again                        (W B)(CHECK-117)
148. Removed Patty's corpse from Confession               ?
149. Repaired Jeanette scene blood condition               (WESP BROKE)
150. Repaired Giovanni backtracking                     (WESP BROKE)
151. All dialogue streamlined, thanks to RobinHood70            (W B)(CHECK-11)
152. Python scripts streamlined, thanks to RobinHood70            ?(NEED DETAILS)
153. Corrected sewers level load orientation                  ?
154. Corrected two comfort reactions                  (W B)(CHECK-42,103)

v4.4                                                    06.12.2007
155. Restored SM haven for traitorous Tremere               (W B)(CHECK-v1.5)
156. Fixed sewer shortcut                        (W B)
157. Many Malkavian lines added for blood dools, thanks to RobinHood70      (POSSIBLE FIX)
158. Removed overlooked changes                     (N D)+VERSION LEFT OVER
159. Swapped Lily cutscene Phil with scrubs                  (MOD)
160. Adjusted Vandal's line                        (W B)(CHECK-11)
161. Re-did Ginger Swan knowledge fix and warehouse re-entering stopper      (W B)(CHECK-66)
The Ginger Swan fix was started by DanUpright, then later removed by Wesp, in his first attempt at patching, check-v1.3.
162. Corrected boss flags for Mercurio, Chastity and Tzimisce creation      ?
163. Fixed Venus' reaction for persuading Boris               ?
164. Fixed Asylum email issues                     (WESP BROKE)
165. Restored newscaster and Cal lines and fixed minor dialogue errors      (W B)(CHECK-11)
166. Repaired Imalia's quest failure message and new Vandal alternative      (W B)(CHECK-11)
167. Fixed possible random crashes on exiting Grout's mansion and Dane      (WESP BROKE)
168. Corrected hostess not getting elevator and phoning without a phone      (WESP BROKE)
169. Added inspection to text at Society and a few more missing sounds      (MOD)

v4.5                                                    10.01.2008
170. Restored three cage dancers and Venus' laptop into club Confession      (MOD)
171. Added Lotus key board inspection                  (MOD)
172. Fixed trailer key inspection                     (WESP BROKE)
173. Lowered Dane computer difficulty                  (MOD)
174. Fixed more sounds and objects                     ?(POSSIBLE FIX)
175. Restored Giovanni cutscene sound                  (MOD)
176. Improved first Heather scene                     (MOD)
177. Updated MP clans and descriptions                  (BROKEN MOD)
178. Added sounds to Muddy, Ash, Pisha, ghouling and jumping cutscenes      (MOD)
179. Merged light-gone-after-loading fix with MemFix, thanks to Wabbite      ?(NEED DETAILS)
180. Made Vandal acknowledge payment                  (W B)
181. Fixed swapped nosave messages                  (ARBITRARY)
182. Fixed Mitnick appearing after quest                  (WESP BROKE)
183. Fixed more invisible python bugs                  ?(NEED DETAILS)
If you cant see them how did you fix them? You got special glasses maybe? What issues or bugs did it fix, what area? Sometimes a bug isn't a bug Wesp. As the saying gos....“if it ain't broke dont fix it”.
184. Made new Danielle lines rotate and more speeches stay in dialogue      (MOD)
185. Removed morphine from CS                     (RESTORATION)(WESP BROKE)
186. Removed register sounds playing without Doris               ?
187. Fixed missing detail on Chinatown sewer map and minor text issues      (WESP BROKE)
188. Harmonized Presence chances and loosened tutorial anti-cheat check      (MOD)
189. Lowered money from Julius to $100                  (MOD)
190. Made leaving Pisha clean up                     (MOD)
191. Fixed the known inventory-and-container-bug, thanks to RobinHood70      (FIXES)
192. Repaired text of Isaac, Trip, Gargoyle, Cal, Mercurio and Therese      (W B)(CHECK-11)

v4.6                                                    04.02.2008
193. Included fixed engine.dll                     (FIX)
194. Added log for sending Patty to alley and fixed two connected bugs      (MOD)(WESP BROKE)
195. Synced scream in hospital                     ?(ARBITRARY)
196. Rotated bus stop texture in downtown                  ?
197. Changed damage of Ming's spit to bash                  (MOD)
198. Fixed minor text issues                        (FIX)(N D)(CHECK-11)
199. Prevented Tremere from being able to loose their haven for treason      (MOD)
200. Fixed re-persuading or killing Tommy Flayton after quest was over      ?(MOD)
201. Made Romero give you ammo with his rifle instead of magic box fill      (WESP BROKE)
202. Restored overlooked dodge powerup into Ocean House in basic patch      (WESP BROKE)+VERSION LEFT OVER
203. Corrected Heather not giving silver ring when you already have one      (WASN'T BROKEN)
204. Restored missing xp for second Pisha item               (WESP BROKE)
205. Removed Nadia sound                        (W B)(CHECK-146)
206. Fixed killing the Gargoyle after persuading him and a dialogue bug      (WESP BROKE)
207. Hid invisible block at the theatre and corrected a few more props      (ARBITRARY)
208. Removed dialogue loop for McFly and restored another missing sound      (W B)(CHECK-11)
209. Made Empire door locks consistent and added sound to Sin Bin kick      ?(WESP BROKE)

v4.7                                                    14.02.2008
210. Made inventory icon and damage stats visible for the Protean claws      ?(MOD)
211. Forced talking to Boris sequence even if you removed Dima silently      (MOD)
212. Prevented Gary's posters from appearing in your initial haven too      (MOD)
213. Restored cash box item into Gallery Noir and added inspection node      (WESP BROKE)
214. Removed Heather reference on Malcolm's computer after she is gone      (ARBITRARY)
215. Repaired bugs regarding quest updates when talking to the Mandarin      (WESP BROKE)
216. Turned power on and timer off on re-visiting the Kamikaze Zen map      (ARBITRARY)
217. Seperated Malcolm's overlapping certificates               (FIX)
218. Fixed more sounds                        (W B)(NEED DETAILS)
219. Removed Kuei-jin's burning death                  (WESP BROKE)
220. Removed invisible block at warehouse                  (WESP BROKE)
221. Locked a double door in Ming's Temple that would open accidentally      (WESP BROKE)
222. Added quest logs for Isaac's gift                     (MOD)
223. Replaced Dane report object                     (WASN'T BROKE)
224. Fixed a Vandal endgame condition and removed more Nadia not-voices      (W B)(CHECK-18,205)

v4.8                                                    22.02.2008
225. Made Isaac give his gift sooner                     (MOD)
226. Made SWAT cops use Steyr AUGs only                  (MOD)
227. Fixed side quest breaking bug at Empire hotel after speaking Boris      (WESP BROKE)
228. Made Carson pack his laptop                     ?(MOD)
229. Fixed Imalia still being pissed off after selling her the magazine         (POSSIBLE FIX)
230. Restored sound to Bach's grenades                  (WESP BROKE)
231. Fixed minor dialogue issues                     (W B)(CHECK-11)
232. Delayed reaction to changes of Heather's state in medical computer      (ARBITRARY)
233. Updated netcafe entry for Tawni Sessions dependent of quest state      (ARBITRARY)(MOD)
234. Placed serial killer card more reasonable               (MOD)
235. Restored more sounds                        (MOD)
236. Prevented continuing the Tawni quest after you have been detected      (WASN'T BROKE)
237. Added gestures to a Jack tutorial line                  (MOD)
238. Fixed stealth kill icon                        (WASN'T BROKE)
239. Fixed Ming dropping out of dialogue                  (W B)(CHECK-11)
240. Fixed a possible Gary phone bug                  (WESP BROKE)
241. Corrected bad Ming Xiao, Tzimisce fatguy and Ra blade damage stats      (WESP BROKE)

v4.9                                                    06.03.2008
242. Fixed basic patch loading tips not changing and minor text issues      (W B)(CHECK-11)
243. Swapped Damsel and Skelter places to correct a line of the latter      (MOD)
244. Removed blind door handles at the Ocean House and the Empire hotel      (ARBITRARY)
245. Added pain sounds to Mercurio cutscene               (MOD)
246. Added reliefs to Fu Syndicate                     (MOD)
247. Fixed bad Nadia dialogue section                  (W B)(CHECK-146)
248. Restored more missing sounds                     (MOD)
249. Placed howitzer gun at Leopold Society                  (BAD ATTEMPT AT HUMOR)
250. Removed a Mercurio loop                     (WESP BROKE)
251. Re-fixed Carson taking his laptop                  (WESP BROKE)
252. Resolved a Sin Bin PC issue                     (WESP BROKE)
253. Added Heather's missing line after dominating or dementating McFly      (MOD)
254. Prevented continuing Mitnick's quest after failing a previous hub      (ARBITRARY)
255. Improved an Ocean House ghost laughter and added vent break sounds      (MOD)
256. Moved serial killer card back and corrected several toppled props      (W B)(CHECK-234)

v5.0                                                    17.03.2008
257. Removed inappropriate Buddha moving sound and included python code   (ARBITRARY)
258. Added museum and Bertram log states and Blood Buff in Elysium tip      ?(ARBITRARY)
259. Made Hatter drop screenplay on death                  (MOD)
Thats why you dont kill him, now you gotta go find it.
260. Corrected Blood Boil info                     (WESP BROKE)
261. Added breaking sound to warrens vent and Ocean House floor boards      (MOD)
262. Stopped Skelter from blocking you                  (W B)(CHECK-252)
This is why you dont move the NPC's around in a patch unless you need too.
263. Adjusted Hannah's book dates                     (ARBITRARY)
264. Fixed basic Ra blade description and it's invisible stats in plus         (WESP BROKE)
265. Made sarcophagus key not giveable                  ?(POSSIBLE FIX)
266. Fixed a basic Imalia exploit                     (WESP BROKE)
267. Improved Tommy's quest log                     (MOD)
268. Fixed Regent and Trip endgame bugs                  (W B)(CHECK-224,18,6)
269. Made netcafe entry for Ash Rivers update               ?(POSSIBLE FIX)
270. Delayed Tawni's state                        ?

v5.1                                                    08.04.2008
271. Restored unused name plate, throwing star and library card models      (MOD)
272. Fixed new item models and female Tremere glasses, thanks to MooCHa      (MOD)(WESP BROKE)
273. Improved Santa Monica rain speed and visuals, thanks to ZylonBane      (MOD)
274. Restored five vendor and three context icons and Giovanni's cabbie      ?(WESP BROKE)
275. Fixed second Sabbat at the warehouse                  ?(W B)
276. Restored a Gargoyle gesture                     (MOD)
277. Removed a few of Regent and Prince gestures               (WESP BROKE)
Oh you mean the broken ones you “restored”.
278. Armed sewer hunters showing a sword on the model with Shin Guntos      (MOD)
279. Added special Jeanette email                     (MOD)
280. Repaired super-sensible Fu guards                  (WESP BROKE)
281. Removed Romero returning from basic but added him to pimpin quest      (WESP BROKE)
282. Placed female bums into SM and adjusted cash inventory description      (MOD)
283. Removed intimidation powerup of grenade prop and added it to basic      (MOD)
284. Restored Protean 4/5 damage and some enemy discipline resistances      (W B)(CHECK-V3.5)
285. Added Firemage animations                     ?(FOR MOD)
286. Fixed subtitles for dominated victim                  (W B)(CHECK-11)
287. Moved female disease bum near to Last Round to make her lines fit      (MOD)
288. Fixed many enemies not damaging each other even when Blood Boilded   ?(POSSIBLE FIX)
289. Delayed Boris' dementation reaction and made Dima leave when sent      (POSSIBLE FIX)
290. Turned all armor and Ocean House pendant not stashable or loosable      (WASN'T BROKE)
291. Locked buggy Temple door for good and fixed more props and sounds      (MOD)(WESP BROKE)
292. Repaired Tseng shelves problem and added a missing Shu quest state      (MOD)
293. Corrected Vandal, Isaac, Misti, Victor and Luca dialogue problems      (W B)(CHECK-11)
294. Added sound for Giovanni sliding doors                  (MOD)
295. Added two missing email lines                     ?(MOD)
296. Fixed Lu, Heather, Gargoyle, Regent, Trip and Ash dialogue issues      (W B)(CHECK-11)
297. Renamed Cathayan "Fernando Cougat"                  (MOD)(WHY?)
298. Fixed Heather's morgue date                     (WESP BROKE)
299. Corrected bad Jeanette quest update and made Cal getting re-hired      (WESP BROKE)
300. Fixed several left over basic/plus stat details, thanks to Offkorn         (WESP BROKE)
301. Added warehouse start astrolite check                  (WASN'T BROKE)
302. Fixed minor text issues                        (W B)(CHECK-11)
303. Removed unfitting sounds at Lotus Blossom and some dialogue pauses      (WESP BROKE)
304. Fixed asking Malcolm about saved Heather               ?(NEED DETAILS)
305. Fixed Knox's quest looping                     (WESP BROKE)
Wesp has been in these files many times, and made changes that could have affected this quest.
306. Re-fixed Thaumaturgy with non-humans and fixed Newscaster position      (WESP BROKE)
307. Fixed double doors at Giovanni mansion               (WESP BROKE)
308. Removed Bruno's clones                     (MOD)
309. Added a Vandal line for females                     (MOD)
310. Fixed two Venture double doors                  (W B)(CHECK-95,68)
311. Made Chang's threat stay in dialogue and fixed Lily's diary dates      (ARBITRARY)
312. Restored hotel guard and warehouse Markus models, thanks to gardeb      (MOD)
313. Added fade and sound when loving Romero and sound to pimpin quest      (MOD)

v5.2                                                    23.04.2008
314. Re-added lost guard model                     (MOD)(W B)
315. Fixed Russians discipline reactions                  (POSSIBLE FIX)(NEED DETAILS)
316. Added about hundred expressions to thirty NPCs and a .38 for Flynn      (MOD)
317. Placed cops at SM conversation and some missing lamps into museum      (MOD)
I'm not too sure about the lamps here, but that is an arbitrary change.
318. Forced player in DMP cutscene and offered Vandal's quest later too      (MOD)
319. Added Skelter quest state                     (MOD)
320. Fixed Isaac and Barabus log updates                  ?(WESP BROKE)
321. Improved Heather and Malcolm dialogues and cash description limits      (W B)(CHECK-11)&(FIX)
322. Fixed Imalia's quest second chance                  (WESP BROKE)
323. Fixed repeating Romero fun sound                  (W B)(CHECK-729)
324. Removed bad warrens re-entry sound                  ?(POSSIBLE FIX)
325. Adjusted the clipboard date                     (ARBITRARY)
326. Auto-closed warehouse door                     (WHICH ONE)(MOD)
327. Placed Temple bar up on his guides                  (POSSIBLE FIX)(CHECK-V3.1/68)
This is a known issue from the original game, but Wesp keeps messing with it (either fix it the right way or just leave your fix and walk away Wesp, it worked just fine, nobody complained) also you need to work on your spell checking.
328. Fixed overlooked Shin Gunto, Galdjum and flamethrower basic issues      (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
329. Added junkyard sound using a car                  (MOD)
330. Fixed downtown bus stop name                  (POSSIBLE FIX)
331. Restored Gangrel frenzy damage and some first discipline durations      (WESP BROKE)
332. Fixed minor dialogue bugs                     (W B)(CHECK-11)
333. Fixed some basic/plus mixups                     (WESP BROKE)
334. Fixed a few props                        (WHICH ONES)
335. Replaced Misti clones at Vesuvius and added a few inspection nodes      (MOD)
336. Adjusted hospital scream                     (WESP BROKE)
337. Adjusted several wrong door and weapon sounds            ?(WESP BROKE)
338. Unlocked one Temple door for Yukie and secured two others later on      (MOD)(WESP BROKE)
339. Locked Red Spot back door                     (MOD)
340. Restored missing gesture for Damsel                  (MOD)
341. Removed humanity loss for killing any kind of hunters on main hubs      (WASN'T BROKE)

v5.3                                                    15.05.2008
342. Fixed blood return and purge                     (WESP BROKE)
343. Added xp for hacking freezer code                  (MOD)
344. Removed warehouse bum before cutscene and made tubes not sellable   (W B)
345. Added some idle expressions to Gimble and Jack during the tutorial      (MOD)
346. Fixed minor dialogue bugs                     (W B)(CHECK-11)
347. Fixed a Dane computer issue                     (W B)(CHECK-173)
348. Restored Jeanette scene for females                  (WESP BROKE)
349. Restored Larry's quest for everyone                  (WESP BROKE)
350. Prevented surplus CD quest email                  ?
351. Corrected Maria dress detail                     ?(FIX)(NEED DETAILS)
352. Fixed Beckett's scholarship bonus and Pearl item, thanks to MooCHa      (POSSIBLE FIX)(NEED DETAILS)
353. Removed Tzimisce creation burning death               (RESTORATION)(W B)(CHECK-162)
354. Removed an Empire door handle                  (ARBITRARY)
355. Fixed occasion of Yukie not getting her sword               (WESP BROKE)
356. Fixed minor map issues                        (FIX)(NEED DETAILS)
357. Corrected looping conversation and look-through duct at warehouse      ?(NEED DETAILS)
358. Restored beachhouse inspections and changed Eldritch Prodigy bonus      (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
359. Corrected wrong newspaper icons                  ?(WESP BROKE)
360. Restored valve and oven icons                     ?(ARBITRARY)
361. Replaced sky at the Ocean House hotel to get rid of oversized moon      (MOD)

v5.4                                                    12.06.2008
362. Corrected minor dialogue and map details               ?(FIX)(N D)(CHECK-11)
363. Corrected two item descriptions                  ?(NEED DETAILS)
364. Swapped tape messages at Grout's mansion               (MOD)
365. Fixed clipping ghoul at Grout's mansion                  (FIX)
366. Restored Toreador humanity xp bonus                  (RESTORATION)(WESP BROKE)
367. Restored burning Tzimisce creations                  ?(MOD)(W B)(CHECK-353)
368. Added many expressions towards Nosferatu and adjusted some others      (MOD)
369. Fixed missing Patty quest update and a possible Boris and Dema bug      ?(WESP BROKE)
370. Repaired warehouse bum leaving                  (W B)(CHECK-344)
371. Repaired Romero fun sound playing again               ?(W B)(CHECK-323)
372. Fixed Dane crane switch directions                  (W B)
373. Removed Venture window taxi                     (W B)(MOD)
374. Removed Misti freebie for Nosferatu and added a Sweeper reference      (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
375. Changed sound for dead body container and some npctemplate genders   (W B)(CHECK-V2.1/34)
376. Added short-time bar replacement for Venus in case you killed her      (MOD)
377. Made Glaze monitor turn off earlier                  (MOD)(ARBITARY)
378. Fixed Zhao death reference                     (W B)
379. Moved Kamikaze Zen vent exit into a back alley to make more sense      (MOD)
380. Corrected wrong observatory manhole sound and many bad drop sounds   ?(NEED DETAILS)
381. Placed females at the Blood Hunt                  (MOD)
382. Restored Heather clothes fix                     (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
383. Corrected a TBO sign typo and male Tremere model, thanks to MooCHa      (MOD)(NEED DETAILS)
384. Fixed Prodigy history not being available               (MOD)
385. Fixed Dane computer issue                     (W B)(CHECK-347)
386. Corrected contradiction of Wong Ho newscaster and newspaper report      ?(NEED DETAILS)
387. Fixed Pestilence for bosses                     (POSSIBLE FIX)(NEED DETAILS)
388. Fixed visible taxi TV icon and triggers                  ?(WHAT?)
389. Restored netcafe headrunner sequence and a Giovanni guard sentence      (WESP BROKE)
390. Corrected Skelter/Patty issues and removed wrong gestures of Jack      (WESP BROKE)
391. Restored unused Daniel Ash - Come Alive song into the Empire hotel      (MOD)
392. Added TV sound to Nosferatu haven and made Sweeper defend himself      (MOD)

v5.5                                                    31.07.2008
393. Made Ocean House quest failure update when reconciling the sisters      (MOD)(MAJOR GAME CHANGE)
You cant reconcile the sisters after giving the pendent to Jeanette, the quest log tells you the pendent found it's way into the ocean.
394. Fixed details with Isaac, Boris, Jack, Heather, Mercurio and Phil         ?(NEED DETAILS)
395. Lessened vents fade outs at Skyeline Apartments            (ARBITRARY)
396. Fixed a decal                           (NEED DETAILS)
397. Added second T-Rex sound to museum                  (MOD)
398. Corrected some text details                     ?(FIX)(NEED DETAILS)(CHECK-11)
399. Restored xps at Glaze for peaceful approach and fixed the monitor      ?(W B)
400. Fixed morphine quest after warehouse and .38 ammo tutorial exploit      (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
401. Made Sin Bin ATM indestructible to avoid breaking connected script      (ARBITRARY)
402. Improved card printer usage and added a few more inspection nodes      (ARBITRARY)(WESP BROKE)
403. Restored original descriptions for crossbow bolts and rifle rounds      (WESP BROKE)
404. Added several missing doors and adjusted SM endgame bus stop maps      (MOD)
405. Moved restored female raver to the Asylum and fixed teeth textures      (MOD)
406. Hid Giovanni crypt trapdoor icons                  (W B)(CHECK-59)
407. Fixed Nadia and zombie bugs                     (W B)(CHECK-134,146)
408. Removed second Dominate tutorial enemy and Johansen basic problems   (MOD)&(NEED DETAILS)

v5.6                                                    03.09.2008
409. Added a few Shin Guntos to sewer hunters               (MOD)
410. Improved end fade out                        (ARBITRARY)
411. Adjusted double Ithaca reload sound and added several drop sounds      (MOD)
412. Repaired Barabus quest re-update and a wrong Zhao died quest state      ?(W B)(CHECK-378)
413. Corrected faulty Isaac lip-synchro                  (AGAIN)(WESP BROKE)
414. Corrected several minor text details                  (W B)(CHECK-11)
415. Added sound to Kiki cutscene                     ?(MOD)
416. Fixed Hollywood bus stop map typo                  ?(NEED DETAILS)
417. Removed a talk icon in diner and corrected lg firearms book value      (ARBITRARY)
418. Made player get a look at Gimble's hand               (ARBITRARY)
419. Fixed some map details                        ?(FIX)(NEED DETAILS)
420. BSPEdit updated to edit several prop stats, thanks to RobinHood70      ?(NEED DETAILS)
421. Fixed dialogue issues for Ming, VV, Trip, Boris, Vandal and Damsel      (W B)(CHECK-11)
422. Made unfinished Regent's plague quest fail in case you betray him      (MOD)(ARBITRARY)
Like he would know you betrayed him, you should have finished the plague quest before going to Hollywood anyway.
423. Fixed ghouling quest not updating                  (WESP BROKE)
424. Improved Bertram's quest log                     (MOD)
425. Added Vandal gesture for females and fade out at the tutorial end      (MOD)
426. Resolved bug when entering the Fu Syndicate while being Obfuscated      (WESP BROKE)
427. Prevented continuing E's quest after you failed it by killing him         (ARBITRARY)
428. Fixed dialogue bugs of Skelter, Arthur, blueblood, clerk and Venus      (W B)(CHECK-11)
429. Added a missing light switch and missing door sound to King's Way      (ARBITRARY)
430. Removed reference to Ricky at Glaze and made upstairs guards fight      (MOD)
431. Repaired several cut off dialogue lines and a few lip-synch issue         (W B)(CHECK-11)
432. Moved Jack down to Skelter and improved Tin Can Bill's expressions      (MOD)
433. Removed buggy SM haven board                  (ARBITRARY)
434. Removed Mercurio's note after you met him               (ARBITRARY)
435. Moved Ash song from Empire hotel to the unfinished museum diorama      (MOD)(ARBITRARY)
436. Restored katanas to Tongs and removed the one at the Fu Syndicate      (WESP BROKE)
437. Turned hospital into Elysium area during your encounter with Pisha      (ARBITRARY)
438. Fixed dialogues for Jack, Mercurio, Regent, Razor and taxi driver      (W B)(CHECK-11)
439. Changed three history humanity penalties to avoid humanity of zero      (MOD)
440. Lowered surf computer difficulty and added a Gargoyle quest state      (MOD)(ARBITRARY)
441. Made Tawni laptop reflect mission                  (W B)
442. Fixed Zygaena and Yukie bugs                     (WESP BROKE)
443. Stopped Maria and Victor from dropping invitations they don't own      (ARBITRARY)
You have been into so many of the Giovanni Files I cant tell if you broke this or if it's an old bug.
444. Added inspection nodes to some trapdoors in the Giovanni crypt map      (W B)(CHECK-406)

v5.7                                                    01.10.2008
445. Moved Fat Larry into Confession alley                  (MOD)
446. Restored Fae Charm reward                     (MOD)(WESP BROKE)
447. Changed severed arm pickup sound and added two missing mode sounds   (MOD)
448. Fixed taxi driver, E, Razor, Yukie, Mercurio, Nadia and Jack issues      ?(NEED DETAILS)(WESP BROKE)
449. Made Larry send spam email to show that vendors update their stock      (MOD)
450. Swapped several Ventrues with helipad SWATs and fixed their texture      (MOD)
451. Removed second tutorial enemy for Presence because of common popup   (MOD)(ARBITRARY)
452. Prevented talking with Chunk when someone else attacked the Gallery      (ARBITRARY)
453. Corrected sliding doors, some handles and an icon at Venture Tower      (W B)(CHECK-310,95,68)
454. Fixed logs for Copper, Heather, werewolf blood and Metalhead quests      (W B)(CHECK-11)
455. Corrected wrong icons at the Ocean House and Jezebel Locke's trunk      (WASN'T BROKEN)
456. Made Astrolite undroppable again and added a Regent Blood Hunt line      (ARBITRARY)(MOD)(W B)
457. Unified burning barrel and fire explosion damage on several levels      ?(NEED DETAILS)
458. Turned the Firemage and Ventrues into females for male clan members      (MOD)
459. Fixed issues for bums, Pisha, Copper, Empire clerk and Bishop Vick      (NEED DETAILS)(W B)
460. Added missing cabbie aura to three maps               ?
461. Fixed minor text issues                        (W B)(CHECK-11)
462. Corrected Temple maps start orientation, inspections and a tin can      (WASN'T BROKEN)
Inspections and a tin can? I dont get it. I need more details on what he is talking about.
463. Improved corpse variety in warrens lair and a Blood Hunt enemy pair      (MOD)(ARBITRARY)

v5.8                                                    11.11.2008
464. Made Isaac recognize the Tzimisce defeat even if you pissed him off      (MOD)
465. Restored basic Blood Buff and Heather, and horror tapes label name      (WESP BROKE)
Blood Buff was changed to +2 instead of +5 in v3.8, but was never listed as a change.
466. Corrected Obfuscate issues with serial killer, Hengeyokai and Boris      (W B)(CHECK-426)
Every time you “correct” one so called Obfuscate issue you create 10 more.
467. Put purse in diner if Doris is dead                  (MOD)
Who killed Doris? Is that even possible?
468. Fixed Gallery cops leaving                     (WESP BROKE)
This is one of the things that happens when you add cop cars to a map in Bloodlines.
469. Restored multiple endgame stock-ups by closing Skyeline haven vents      (MOD)(ARBITRARY)
470. Replaced unknowable names for Danielle, Spicoli and Sin Bin dancer      (W B)(CHECK-V2.2/37)
471. Fixed log updates regarding Therese spirit and Regent plague quests      (WESP BROKE)
472. Added cop cars to beachhouse map                  (MOD)
473. Fixed other minor map details                     (NEED DETAILS)
474. Corrected dialogues of Mercurio, E, Trip and Isaac Gargoyle problem      (W B)(CHECK-11)
475. Added one xp for stealing the Kamikaze Zen money and adjusted logs      (MOD)
476. Lowered award for killing a demon in his human form to two xps only      (MOD)
477. Adjusted fonts issues regarding Dementation and Tremere Domination      (W B)(CHECK-v1.9)
Wesp keeps messing with the fonts and wonders why things break.
478. Removed the Lotus patron after you placed the talisman successfully      ?
479. Edited history and occult item descriptions to display percentages      (MOD)(ARBITRARY)
480. Improved several book drop sounds                  (MOD)
481. Improved bush hook stealth kill sound                  (W B)(CHECK-V3.5)
482. Added purse to Lilly's belongings and effects to Venture Tower cars      (MOD)
483. Fixed minor dialogue problems with Trip, Flynn, Heather and Copper      (W B)(CHECK-11)
484. Re-fixed tutorial .38 exploit                     (AGAIN?)(W B)(CHECK-400)
485. Turned Chantry haven into Masquerade area to fix Tremere detriment      (MOD)(WESP BROKE)

v5.9                                                    18.12.2008
486. Fitted Cathayan report dates to morgue pc dates            (MOD)(WHY?)(W B)
487. Fixed bum quest                        (WESP BROKE)
488. Corrected Milligan not leaving cutscene                  (FIX)(KNOWN ISSUE)
489. Improved anti-cheating                        ?(WESP BROKE)(CHECK-188)
With all the alterations you have made to the game in your Basic version and you have the gawl to say “improved anti-cheating”. Bad form Werner, bad form.
490. Fixed beastform model                        (N D)(WASNT BROKE)
491. Added slash sound to Heather's last scene               (MOD)
492. Corrected Gimble and Nines Obfuscate issues and minor text details      (WESP BROKE)
493. Fixed minor dialogue problems of Heather, Knox, Skelter and Beckett      (W B)(CHECK-11)
494. Added subtitles for cutscenes and conversations, thanks to Voerman      (MOD)(POSSIBLE FIX)
495. Restored some Ocean House and beachhouse lines and Chunk-Asylum fix   ?(MOD)(WESP BROKE)
496. Corrected basic healing rate                     (WASN'T BROKE)
497. Added one sound to Muddy cutscene                  (MOD)
498. Removed xp for Romero loving after zombie quest but made him return   (WESP BROKE)
499. Fixed Vandal endgame freeze                     ?(CHECK-6,18,224)
I am uncertain of this one^^, I dont recall it being an issue, if it was it should have been fixed long before 2008.
500. Fixed wrong door sound at the Ramen shop               (WESP BROKE)
501. Made Chastity not biteable                     (MOD)(GAME PLAY CHANGE)
502. Fixed Sin Bin handle and area change                  (WESP BROKE)(NEED DETAILS)
503. Swapped Igor's .38 with GLOCK 19                  (MOD)(CHECK-249)
Wesp has made several changes like this one, and yet he and others complained (very loudly) when Acrimonious and Tessera changed the Leopold Society roof guards and made the level a little tougher.
504. Gave more hit points to Larry                     (MOD)(WHY?)
505. Replaced money in Kamikaze Zen safe by name plate to fix xp problem      (WESP BROKE)
506. Exchanged Brawl and Finance book locations inside the Empire hotel      (MOD)
507. Swapped dancers between clubs to avoid too many similar ones nearby      (MOD)
508. Gave GLOCKs to hunters in Ash sewers to fit gun shown on the model      (MOD)
509. Restored the uncensored US decapitation cutscene, thanks to Keleigh      (MOD)

v6.0                                                    15.02.2009
510. Set the date of the game to 22.10.2004                  (MOD)(why not 10.31.2004?)
511. Fixed minor text issues                        (W B)(CHECK-11)
512. Added option to pay Vandal in case you can't find him a replacement      (WASN'T BROKEN)
I think he did this because, he made it so Tseng no longer sells blood.
513. Restored two Asylum emails                     (MOD)
514. Added Johansen to Empire suite list                  (NEED DETAILS)
515. Swapped an unique quest car at Giovanni's and repaired it's texture      (MOD)
516. Restored erotic situations for the downtown, Hollywood and SM hubs      (MOD)
517. Moved library card to locked Empire room               (MOD)
518. Fixed Chunks attacking                        (W B)(CHECK-115)
519. Added subtitles for the remaining conversations, thanks to Voerman      (W B)(CHECK-11)
520. Stopped Copper from leaving for infusion               (MOD)(W B)(CHECK-V3.1)
521. Improved selling order                        ?(WESP BROKE)
522. Repaired Nadia's "c'mon" sequence                  (WESP BROKE)
Again you have been into so many of Nadia's files, you most likely broke it.
523. Repaired speaker names and a door handle               (POSSIBLE FIX)(NEED DETAILS)
524. Restored Ventrues to Tower using females and Toreadors as variation      (MOD)
525. Swapped wrecks on Blood Hunt map                  (MOD)
526. Added missing bar-break sound                     (MOD)
527. Fixed quest log update                        (N D)(WESP BROKE)
528. Fixed XP gain on reaching Ming's inner sanctum               (MOD)
You only get XP for killing her. Not for finding her.
529. Made sweeper and Bertram Tung use disciplines if they are attacked      (MOD)
530. Restored censored blood for intro                  (MOD)
531. Added some blood to the Hallowbrook                  (MOD)
532. Fixed pony tail of Kerri and glasses of Mandarin, thanks to MooCha      ?(POSSIBLE FIX)
533. Removed not working blood return when fighting against the Tzimisce      (WESP BROKE)
534. Prevented spoiling the secret of the Giovanni candidate you choose      (MOD)
535. Restored Dima and clinic guard text                  (W B)(CHECK-11)
536. Removed a model at junkyard                     (WESP BROKE)
537. Fixed several bad particle files for magic fires and other effects         ?(NEED DETAILS)
538. Made Leatherface and Drifter player histories more likely to frenzy      (MOD)
539. Added radio transcripts, thanks ellipsis_jones and gothemasticator      ?(BAD IDEA)
You do realize whats going to happen when the TV and radio are both running at the same time?
540. Restored two Ocean House ghosts and Hellcat               (MOD)
There is no Hellcat in the files, just a trigger for some sound files “named hellcat” (Addition: Tess found this one, it has to do with the bobcat type tractor in the courtyard near the trailer when you first show up).
541. Restored forklift sequences                     (MOD)
542. Removed Fu Syndicate lobby keypad code to avoid breaking the level      (W B)(CHECK-82)

v6.1                                                    22.04.2009
543. Made Hannah's vents unlock                     (WASN'T BROKE)
544. Removed SM blueblood after Dominate                  (MOD)
545. Added two more times to feed from Heather               (MOD)
546. Fixed Sin Bin PC text                        (WESP BROKE)(AGAIN)
How many times are you going to fix this same one issue Wesp.
547. Fixed dialogues for Patty, Gary, Romero, Pisha, Arthur and Beckett      (W B)(CHECK-11)
548. Made Auto-Level button unambiguous                  (ARBITRARY)
549. Fixed icons at the warehouse                     ?(WESP BROKE)
550. Doubled explosion damage of shellboxes and fixed Leopold Society's      (MOD)
Fixed Leopold Society's what?
551. Restored an unused poster to parking garage and six more to netcafe      (MOD)
552. Fixed getting a second key from Empire clerk               (WESP BROKE)
553. Fixed minor text issues                        (W B)(CHECK-11)
554. Prevented museum guard from dropping multiple storage room keycards   (WASN'T BROKEN)
555. Made Jack acknowledge stealth killing the tutorial sneaking Sabbat      ?(MOD)
556. Moved Empire hotel computer to backroom and raised helicopter noise   (MOD)
557. Fixed log update issue when killing Boris               (WESP BROKE)
558. Fixed a Cal dialogue issue                     (W B)(CHECK-11)
559. Made it possible to trigger serial killer quest from all newspapers      (MOD)
560. Fixed tutorial Humanity bug                     ?(WASN'T BROKEN)
Wesp broke this one, because in the tutorial, your humanity doesn't change even if you fail a test, it just resets so you can try again.
561. Fixed other python errors, thanks to mzz               (NEED DETAILS)
562. Restored laughter of Mr. Ox and a few sounds around the Ocean House      (MODS)
563. Corrected a wrong sign in warrens                  (NEED DETAILS)(WESP BROKE)
You have been into so many of the Warrens signs that we cant tell if it was a fix or IF you broke it.
564. Removed icon of Mitnick's PC                     ?(RESTORATION)MAYBE
565. Swapped wrong manhole covers for Griffith Park and Giovanni mansion      (WESP BROKE)
566. Removed test button in Ventrue clan popup and minor level problems      (MOD)(WESP BROKE)
567. Improved sound effects of morgue doors and Kamikaze Zen vault doors      (MOD)(ARBITRARY)
568. Fixed texture error with the third Gangrel armor, thanks to MooCha      (POSSIBLE FIX)
569. Restored some missing sound schemes                  (MOD)
570. Fixed a few particle errors                     ?(NEED DETAILS)
571. Added missing third card playing thug to conversation at warehouse      (MOD)
572. Corrected console bugs and replaced grenade icon, thanks to Lenuska      ?(NEED DETAILS)(W B)
And people are wondering why the console crashes the game, then locks up their computer.
573. Fixed Protean level 5 melee switching                  (W B)(CHECK-284)
This got broke by adding the first person melee mod.
574. Fixed Giovanni guard awareness                  (WESP BROKE)
575. Restored missing Malkavian lines for Damsel               (MOD)
576. Restored some last subtitles                     (MOD)(N D)
We all know where this is going to lead by now, dont we.

v6.2                                                    25.05.2009
577. Restored boss flags for Chastity and Mercurio               (W B)(CHECK-162)
578. Fixed Fu terminal                        (W B)(CHECK-542)
579. Removed restored items in basic patch to improve mod compatibility      (W B)(CHECK-569,MANY MORE)
Just read any of the patch notes before this comment. Wesp finaly admits that the UP Basic is not mod compatible because of his modding it.
580. Corrected Phil dropping freezer passcode note               (POSSIBLE FIX)
581. Corrected minor text issues                     (W B)(CHECK-411)
582. Fixed grenade icon, Empire note and possible Leopold Society crash      (W B)(CHECK-572)
583. Removed some SM clinic ambient sounds               (RESTORATION)(WESP BROKE)
Just a reminder, I'm not being kind here. RESTORATION means: Returned to “Original” state.
584. Made Dima go wait outside                     (MOD)
585. Restored Arthur and Knox bounty hunter lines               (RESTORATION)(W B)
586. Fixed Isaac issue                        (WESP BROKE)
Again, Wesp has been into so many of Isaac's files it's impossible to tell if he didn't break it.
587. Removed some unusable Ming Temple door knobs and corrected fax date   (WESP BROKE)
588. Improved Protean claws inventory model and icon, thanks to Lenuska      (W B)(CHECK-210,284)

v6.3                                                    02.07.2009
589. Fixed missing Dima and Russians issues                  (W B)(CHECK-211,289)
590. Fixed cop and Bruno subtitles                     (W B)(CHECK-11)
591. Improved Gargoyle logs                        (POSSIBLE FIX)
592. Delayed phone dialogues to fit animation               (W B)(NEED DETAILS)
Wesp has been in all of the phone files, so he most likely broke this too.
593. Fixed edicts errors generated by use of Auspex, thanks to SunBlade      (POSSIBLE FIX)
594. Exchanged Venture Tower guard models and armed them with Steyr AUGs   (MOD)
And you have been complaining about Tessera making the Leopold Society a little tougher.
595. Fixed Arthur/Knox issue                        (N D)(W B)(CHECK-585)
Wesp has been in a lot of Arthur's and Knox' files.
596. Fixed Kiki's standing hair, thanks to MooCHa               ?(POSSIBLE FIX)
597. Corrected Beckett's bonus dialogue                  (MOD)(W B)(CHECK-11)
598. Corrected two wrong Ocean House sounds               (W B)(CHECK-169,174,569)
599. Removed three more plus items to improve basic patch compatibility      (RESTORATION)(WESP BROKE)
To be fair, we're not mind readers, we need more info, details Wesp details.

v6.4                                                    30.07.2009
600. Corrected Venture Tower Dominated guard timer to be plus patch only      (RESTORATION)(WESP BROKE)
601. Corrected replacing Lily giving no XP                  (MOD)(W B)
The Replacing Lily quest gives no XP, it only makes you solid with Vandal again.
602. Fixed Lily on beach line                        (WESP BROKE)
603. Repaired bad elevator button at Empire hotel               (POSSIBLE FIX)
604. Fixed Dima not attacking                     (WESP BROKE)
605. Fixed Knox's and Johansen's secret issues and phone start in diner      (W B)(CHECK-595)
606. Corrected Beckett's bonus dialogue once more               (W B)(CHECK-597)
607. Corrected minor text details                     (W B)(CHECK-11)
608. All dialogue files checked for similar bugs, thanks to RobinHood70      (W B)(CHECK-11)
609. Added two quest states regarding the Gargoyle, Isaac and the Regent      (MOD)(NEED DETAILS)
610. Made talisman locker not disappear                  (MOD)
611. Fixed Nadia dialogue issues                     (W B)(CHECK-11,247,407)
612. Changed camera spot icons at Tawni's place and removed notice timer      (MOD)(W B)
See Wesp, if you would have made separate mods in the first place, you wouldn't be having these kinds of issues.
613. Fixed endgame floating astrolite and near dead patient standing up      ?(ARBITARY)

v6.5                                                    18.09.2009
614. Made the bad luck talisman not sellable               (ARBITRARY)
615. Corrected Knox's secret                        (W B)(CHECK-605)
616. Restored unused shovelhead to Hallowbrook and alternate Tong model      (MOD)
617. Stopped one-shot-killing Larry                     (MOD)(W B)(CHECK-504)
618. Stopped Copper been gone for transfusion               (W B)(CHECK-520)
619. Fixed log bugs for Haxxor, Gargoyle, Pisha, Lily and pimpin quests      (ALL W B)
Wesp has been into all of the log files before this fix and what he broke is too numerous to mention.
620. Restored newspapers to Skyeline and junkyard and added one downtown   (MOD)(WESP BROKE)
621. Increased claws range                        (MOD)
622. Lowered Desert Eagle accuracy on running               (MOD)
623. Restored Protean warform hopping and basic stats, but lost the info      (W B)(CHECK-7)
You never give details for your changes/alterations, so why list, “lost the info” now? Anyway, I did find it.
624. Improved netcafe and pawnshop trigger fixes               (WESP BROKE)
625. Fixed minor text details                        (W B)(CHECK-11)

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I told you it was big.

v6.6                                                    16.11.2009
626. Made Misti refill and fixed prophet                  (MOD)&(WASNT BROKE)
627. Fixed pinball dude not animating                  (MOD)(WESP BROKE)
628. Fixed fire not triggering at junkyard                  (WESP BROKE)
629. Fixed basic poster quests mixup                     (WESP BROKE)
630. Restored original flicker-less decals to Dane, netcafe and warrens      (RESTORATION)(MAYBE)
Again, it is hard to tell if this is returning the game to its original state.
631. Fixed some dialogue issues of Imalia, LaCroix, Isaac, Jack and Phil      (W B)(CHECK-11)
Wesp has been into so many of these files that I cant tell if its a fix or something he broke.
632. Adjusted a too strong history and removed many possible text loops      (MOD)
633. Locked outer Tawni door                     (ARBITRARY)
634. Corrected bad Giovanni invitation names               (POSSIBLE FIX)(ARBITRARY)
635. Corrected clipping problems for Venture Tower lamp and cop glasses      (POSSIBLE FIX)(WESP BROKE)
636. Fixed frenzy for all clans                     ?(WESP BROKE)(MOD)
637. Fixed eye colours, thanks to Zer0Morph2000               (MOD)
Dont let Wesp fool you, this is not a fix. It is a mod, a good mod, but still a mod. The mod by itself can be found at moddb under their Bloodlines listing.
638. Prevented Heather from appearing in Hallowbrook if you ignored her      (MOD)
Why would you do that? If you ignored her, then you wouldn't know about her, so leave her alone. That could be just some chick that the Sabbot kidnaped off the street as a plaything....“again” let people use their imaginations. It's an RPG after all.
639. Restored dialogue tutorial popups                  (AGAIN)(WESP BROKE)
640. Removed Ventrue's rat feeding                     (W B)(CHECK-v2.0)
So that is where you made it so Venture's can feed on rats. Big no no. Even I know this is a clear violation of canon. The Ventrue cant feed on rats, they also have a vomit check on bums and low lifes, and it took you this long to get around to putting it back the way it belongs.
641. Added the frenzy animation to common NPC models, thanks to DDLullu      (MOD)
642. Fixed Voerman emails not appearing                  (WESP BROKE)
643. Fixed Copper suddenly having money                  (WASN'T BROKE)(W B)
644. Restored Isaac's gift for the warrens in basic being Toreador only      (WESP BROKE)
645. Used white SWAT skin at Venture Tower                  (MOD)
Are you kidding, I have never seen a white SWAT uniform, ever, though they do use white uniform covers in snowing conditions.
646. Nines skin at solo ending                     (MOD)
Yes Wesp decided to clean up Nines after his battle with the warewolf.
647. Placed alternative Cal skin into diner and rookie cops on the Dane      (MOD)
648. Restored Lu Fang, Therese and hustler to Lotus Blossom and Vesuvius      (MOD)
Therese at the Lotus Blossom and Vesuvius? Not likely.
649. Used new Ming skin in Empire hotel and hustler and girl in Asphole      (MOD)
650. Restored headless security corpse                  (MOD)
651. Restored severed head to warrens level                  (MOD)
652. Placed two scrubs into Grout's mansion                  (MOD)
653. Placed bartender in Last Round                     ?(MOD)
I'm going to go threw v1.2 again, but I thought the bartender was in the Last Round. Maybe I missed it?
654. Added raver and female models into Glaze               (MOD)
655. Added missing VW bus to pier                     (MOD)
656. Placed alternative Chang in Temple                  (MOD)
657. Fixed Luckee Star fireplace                     (N D)
658. Used alternative stripper skins at Sin Bin, Vesuvius and Giovanni's      (MOD)
659. Restored over two hundred scenery props and over forty sign decals      ?(MOD)(NEED DETAILS)
This a perfect example of “are we mind readers”, did you restore them to their original state from a mod, or did you mod them in from extra material on the disk's? Please Werner, inlighten us on your great vision....or lack there of.
660. Added breakable tomb stone, gas tank, board and phones to warehouse   (MOD)
661. Fixed and added breakable air compressor and board into Ash sewers      (MOD)

v6.7                                                    22.12.2009
662. Fixed Yukie bug and improved on her translation            (WESP BROKE)
Wesp has been into so many of Yukie's files that the possabiltys are numerus. What translation?
663. Moved some new props and restored a few more to warrens and Asylum   (MOD)
664. Restored Fu Syndicate alarm switch sequence and three context icons      (W B)(CHECK-82,542,578)
665. Fixed Jack, Isaac and LaCroix dialogues and theatre web log update      (W B)(CHECK-11)
666. Moved new raver as DJ into Confession and restored old DJ to Glaze      (MOD)
667. Fixed intro paintings, added two more and swapped two with Skyeline      (MOD)
668. Corrected look-through problems of male Tremere and Ventrue models      (POSSIBLE FIX)
Ah, you mean you figured out what “c_maxdistance and c_mindistance” actualy do? Good....STOP PLAYING WITH THEM. Your breaking your own mod by doing so. The Ventrue had no such issue. Dont know about Tremere.
669. Removed poster quests from basic patch               (MOD)(CHECK-629)
670. Added a log for Tourette                     (MOD)
671. Finally fixed Beckett's "wait" freeze bug, thanks to burgermeister      (FIX)
672. Corrected Heather changing clothes                  (WESP BROKE)
673. Added Gary to intro sequence                     (MOD)
674. Added missing endgame quest logs                  (WASN'T BROKE)
675. Added pause key option to keys menu                  (MOD)
676. Restored four female and two male hand skins and Nosferatu eyeballs      (MOD)

v6.8                                                    12.02.2010
677. Restored VV's poster to basic                     (W B)(CHECK-669)
678. Restored three paintings into Empire hotel and moved others around      (MOD)
679. Fixed static NPCs on downtown hub                  (POSSIBLE FIX)
This could be a known random bug with the original game, but it took this many years to fix? Too busy modding the game maybe?
680. Restored some Society weapons                  (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
681. Restored report to SM clinic and newspaper pictures to Ocean House      (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
682. Swapped wrong Luckee Star key model                  (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
683. Swapped SPAS into Hallowbrook hotel                  (MOD)
684. Restored two context icons into Grout's room and sarcophagus crypt      ?
I have no idea what he is talking about here^^.
685. Repaired dialogues of Heather, Jack, Arthur, Pisha, Dema and hooker      (W B)(CHECK-11)
686. Fixed Isaac reward in basic and restored context icon to eye quest      (WESP BROKE)
687. Restored three infobar icons                     (MOD)
688. Restored three scenery models to King's Way               (MOD)
689. Corrected Ocean House steam cloud directions and minor map details      (WESP BROKE)
690. Prevented restored NPC conversations from triggering multiple times      (WESP BROKE)
That is one of the reasons why they were not in the game to begin with, its all broken content.
691. Hid doors icons at Grout's mansion and used phone prop to open one      (MOD)
692. Restored rain to beachhouse                     (RESTORATION)(W B)
693. Removed rain from Ocean House outside               (RESTORATION)(W B)

v6.9                                                    31.03.2010
694. Fixed wrong Luckee Star keycard model                  (AGAIN)(W B)(CHECK-682)
695. Fixed Chunk's sitting position                     (WASN'T BROKE)
696. Added new warehouse quest log and animation to new DJ at Confession   (MOD)
697. Improved minor text issues of quest logs, tutorial popups and info      (W B)(CHECK-11)
698. Fixed dialogues of Jack, Mercurio, Regent, Knox, Bertram and Imalia      (W B)(CHECK-11)
699. Stopped Dane cop from looping and removed one unvoiced line of his      (WESP BROKE)
Wesp you have been into the Dane files so much that you broke this, it wasn't broken to begin with.
700. Forced dialogues of Hannah, video courier and Skelter at Last Round      (WASNT BROKE)
701. Prevented random missing hands bug                  (W B)(CHECK-676)
702. Restored unused Venus lines                     (MOD)
703. Fixed refresh-rate problem in shaderapidx9.dll, thanks to Frank7777      (POSSIBLE FIX)
704. Removed push blockade at Fu Syndicate and bad decals at the museum      ?(N D)(CHECK-)
Again, Wesp it is hard to tell if you broke these or if they are original bugs.

v7.0                                                    17.06.2010
705. Restored about hundred unused floats and removed bad ones for Kiki      (MOD)(WESP BROKE)
That was why they were removed to begin with Wesp, they are all broken.
706. Fixed tutorial blood reset                     ?(WESP BROKE)
707. Improved Chunk Gallery Noir sequence                  (WASN'T BROKE)
708. Opened beachhouse door on combat                  (MOD)
709. Moved blanket to Hannah's bed                  (ARBITRARY)(MOD)
710. Fixed Gary's photo sound and Ricky's glasses               (MOD)(ARBITRARY)
711. Improved emails order                        (AGAIN?)(WESP BROKE)
712. Removed Grout's trigger after use and Murietta's key if not needed      (ARBITRARY)
713. Swapped some pedestrians to reduce clones and added Yukie quest log      (MOD)
714. Fixed Yukie boots, Sabbat ankh and Barabus feet, thanks to DDLullu      (POSSIBLE FIX)
715. Displaced two buggy Luckee Star doors                  (W B)(CHECK-682,694)
716. Made the sweeper stronger                     (MOD)
717. Corrected Lily cutscene, thanks to DDLullu               (FIX)
718. Corrected Stalker hair models, thanks to DDLullu            (POSSIBLE FIX)(ARBITRARY)
719. Fixed female Tremere hair texture, thanks to the skin of p0rnstar13      (POSSIBLE FIX)(ARBITRARY)
720. Added emotions to Ming's Temple lines                  (MOD)
721. Fixed Hallowbrook script                     (POSSIBLE FIX)
I found some issues with the original Hallowbrook script, so this maybe a fix or something Wesp broke.
722. Swapped Mitnick clone with player model               (MOD)
723. Added Temple door sound                     (ARBITRARY)(POSSIBLE FIX)
724. Tried to fix zombies and stalkers occasionally using normal voices      (ARBITRARY)(WHO'LL NOTICE)
725. Restored Barabus line and fixed minor dialogue issues of a few NPCs      (W B)(CHECK-11)
Again, it is hard to tell what was broken by you by adding mods to a patch Wesp, and what was broken originally. Was the dialogue of those NPC's from the original game or were they ones you added. And another restored line for Barabus? When will you learn.
726. Fixed Yukie stats at shop, Maria invitation and Venture Tower door      (WESP BROKE)

v7.1                                                    16.09.2010
727. Restored Isaac Fae Charm reward                  (MOD)
728. Added lights-through-walls fix to engine.dll, thanks SomeCommentDoe      (FIX)
729. Improved breaking museum windows                  (MOD)
730. Fixed more minor level errors                     ?(POSSIBLE FIX)(WESP BROKE)
731. Removed new Mitnick quest from the basic patch            (RESTORATION)(W B)
732. Removed Chastity's sword from the basic patch               (RESTORATION)(W B)
733. Fixed headrunner dropping through netcafe floor            (POSSIBLE FIX)(WESP BROKE)
734. Fixed a German popup                        (WESP BROKE)
What German pop-up? How many differant versions are you working on Wesp?
735. Locked gallery front after crime                     (ARBITRARY)
736. Restored lockpick to warehouse                  ?(NEED DETAILS)
737. Corrected wrong painting positions after slashing then re-entering      (ARBITRARY)(WESP BROKE)
738. Fixed mirrored beer labels                     ?(ARBITRARY)
739. Fixed minor dialogue problems of some NPCs               (W B)(CHECK-11)
740. Restored Therese and Jeanette reconciling and cash to Kamikaze Zen      (WESP BROKE)
Again Wesp, did you restore them to their original state, or to something you found on the disk's.
741. Improved missing fists fix                     (W B)(CHECK-676,701)
742. Made pool stripper appear later only                  (MOD)
743. Made SM laptop stay in old haven in case of random Skyeline issues      (WASNT BROKE)
744. Tweaked Cleopatra history to avoid making Obfuscate powerup useless      (MOD)
745. Removed Fae Charm from Tseng to avoid bug on getting it from Isaac      (WESP BROKE)
746. Fixed blood doll sound and line so it doesn't refer to women as men      (WESP BROKE)
747. Made Fu Syndicate doors move slower                  (MOD)
748. Added a lantern to warrens                     (MOD)
749. Disabled endless arrow spawning in the chests of first Temple level      ?(WESP BROKE)

v7.2                                                    11.11.2010
750. Fixed possible video courier retrigger bug               (WESP BROKE)
751. Fixed some dialogue issues                     (W B)(CHECK-11)
How many times are you going to fix what has already been fixed. Quote “All dialogues matched to speech and fixed thoroughly by RobinHood70”. This was taken from v2.0. Please stop adding broken content from the disk's, you're defeating you're own purpose.
752. Prevented Heather's comeback when returning from lower Hallowbrook   (WESP BROKE)

v7.3                                                    11.01.2011
753. Restored GLOCK to cop on the pier                  (MOD)
754. Restored mafia patrol to Empire hotel                  (MOD)
755. Corrected conditions for mentioning Rossilini               (WESP BROKE)
756. Corrected other text issues                     (W B)(CHECK-11)
757. Fixed problems on approaching Skelter                  (WESP BROKE)
Thats what you get for moving the NPC's around so much in a patch.
758. Fixed problems during the intro walkout               (WESP BROKE)

v7.4            14.4.2011
759. Made skip intro always work on resolutions > 800x600            ?
760. Corrected prostitutes privacy                     (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
761. Corrected Ash switch                        (WESP BROKE)
762. Corrected Giovanni name issues                  (W B)+VERSION LEFT OVER
763. Fixed parking garage gang war problem                  (WESP BROKE)
764. Fixed Ming as Nines size issue                     (ARBITARY)(W B)(CHECK-649?)
765. Restored Larry's locations in basic patch and removed his email         (W B)(CHECK-445,449)
Whats the matter Wesp, getting tired of explaining why you moved him in the first place.
766. Corrected facing Ming Obfuscated                  (W B)(CHECK-241,426,466)
So many of the Obfuscate files and those realated too them have been altered, that I dont think it'll ever work as intended now.
767. Readded claws inventory infos                     (W B)(CHECK-588)
768. Fixed tutorial conditions for high stats                  (WESP BROKE)
769. Fixed tutorial area discipline popups                  (WESP BROKE)
770. Repaired asking Strauss about dealt-with-gargoyle and text details      (WESP BROKE)
771. Removed body bag models from Dane                  (RESTORATION)(W B)
772. Added a body bag into Giovanni crypt                  (MOD)(CHECK-59)
773. Restored Nines line                        (RESTORATION)(W B)
774. Restored sister reconciliation                     (RESTORATION)(W B)(CHECK-740)
775. Fixed Bertram issue                        (WESP BROKE)
776. Swapped Anarchs back into basic patch                  (RESTORATION)(W B)
777. Fixed getting XPs at Zhao's                     (WESP BROKE)
778. Tweaked Strength history to avoid making Bloodstar powerup useless      (MOD)
779. Fixed camera cycle,  thanks to burgermeister               (WESP BROKE)
780. Fixed Chuck being mute , thanks to burgermeister            (WESP BROKE)

V7.4a hotfix         19.4.2011
781. Hotfix 7.4a fixes a bug in version 7.4 where Larry stays completely mute      (W B)(CHECK-765)

v7.5            31.5.2011
“We'll be releasing localized patches over the following days.” What is that supposed to mean?
782. Moved unreachable NPCs at Hallowbrook hotel and fixed door opening      (WESP BROKE)
I am uncertain about what door he is mentioning.
783. Fixed Regent's lip-sync                        ?
784. Fixed warehouse pallet                        (NEED DETAILS)
785. Fixed railing clipping bugs                     ?
786. Stopped VV sending emails if jarateed                  ?(MOD)(W B)
Whats this jarateed crap supposed to mean?....I'm assuming pissed off, if so, it wasn't broken.
787. Fixed some minor text bugs                     (W B)(CHECK-11)
788. Fixed wrong weapon stats shown using new client.dll, thanks to int9      (POSSIBLE FIX)(N D)
789. Made Red Dragon hostess stay and repeat her elevator conversations      (W B)(CHECK-168?)
790. Restored original poster order                     (W B)(CHECK-669,677)
791. Restored clerk sexual bias to basic patch               (WESP BROKE)
I still cant believe that he made that clerk bi in the first place.
792. Fixed claw brother being susceptible to one-hit-kill by Possession      ?

v7.6            7.15.2011
793. Fixed lost Mercurio email                     (WESP BROKE)
794. Removed extra Gargoyle XP from basic.                  (RESTORATION)(+ LEFTOVER)
795. Added dumpster downtown to cover map hole               (WASNT BROKE)
796. Made Phil stay longer.                        (MOD)
797. Corrected Imalia only handing out one camera               (WESP BROKE)
798. Fixed missing pier music.                     ?(WESP BROKE)
799. Added Malkavian whispers transcript to Extras, thanks to an unknown      ?(OK)
An unknown? Way to give credit there big guy. Next time look it up then ask permission.
800. Fixed Nosferatu and Malkavian detection script of King's Way level      (WASNT BROKE)
801. Replaced ancient Python 2.1 version with 2.7.2, thanks ColonelAlias      (MOD)(WASNT BROKE)
Not good and did you change all the script to match? No? Anyone else see where this is going to go? IF IT AIN'T BROKE DONT FIX IT.
802. Fixed spawning of Hallowbrook enemies and more minor level details.

7.6a            7.15.2011
803.  Five unused Bloodlines soundtracks were added that were released to the public   (MOD)

7.6b            7.17.2011
804. It seems the new Python version in the 7.6 patch has issues with Windows 7 64 bit.   (W B)(CHECK 801)
WHAT? Yeah right wesp, 2.7 works just fine in Win 7 64bit, any programer worth a shit, knows that if you change a coding/scripting engine you must also change the code/script to match the new engine. I'm new to coding/scripting and even I know that. Maybe you should go back to school.

There are a lot of things that have been changed/altered that are not in Wesp's patch notes. Like the fact that he put cop cars on the main hubs or that he put a pad-lock on the gate for the oil tanks where Bertrum Tung is hiding. Thats not even mentioning that he and someone else broke the console (that, is in the notes check-572).

On the issue with the cop cars.

One: It is killing the ambiance of the game. We are supposed to be a vampire in a dark, seedy, underworld that we will never see in real life...but wait. Here comes Wesp...he will put in cop cars to make us feel safe and at ease.

Two: I know Wesp has never been to L.A., or he would know better. I have lived in Harbor City, Wilmington and Santa Monica, so I can tell you this. You are lucky if you see even one cop car a day in those areas. The only reason you see so many cops downtown or in Hollywierd, is because of gang activity or to help protect the tourists.

Addition: I have found that Wesp has removed the cage dancers at Confession, in his 7.9 basic version, as well as a few other mods.
I also found that he added Italian graffiti on the side of Fat Larry's truck (I don't know what version added that).
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« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2011, 05:32:02 AM »

Thanks for the good work, Schu. Speaking as someone who is intimately familiar with the nuts-and-bolts of VTMB, I'll just comment upon a few key points...

The first thing that becomes obvious is the fact that roughly half (or more) of the "repairs" listed in Wesp's patch notes are things that were -not- broken in the original game. They were things that Wesp himself broke in previous versions of his work, thanks to his own ineptitude. So then later on, Wesp goes back and fixes his own fuck-ups, in a later version of his UP... and very cleverly neglects to mention WHY he had to make those repairs. Which in turn misleads the end user into thinking that Wesp has fixed all sorts of legitimate bugs when in fact, none of those bugs existed within the original "plain vanilla" game. Well gee, Wesp... what a surprise.

I've been saying for years that Wesp's "patch" has managed to introduce more bugs than it actually fixes... and Schu's detailed listing has now confirmed that assertion. This is important... because I've seen many comments out there which say something along the lines of "Well, Wesp's patch fixes more bugs than the True Patch does." Actually no... it does not. But I can understand why some people may have been misled into thinking that it does, after reading Wesp's endless list of supposed bug fixes. But now that Schu has actually analyzed Wesp's patch notes in detail, it is quite clear that the bulk of Wesp's "repairs" were the result of things that WESP HIMSELF BROKE. Hence his bloated patch notes.

The True Patch, on the other hand, has NEVER introduced any new bugs to Bloodlines. We either fixed something that was legitimately malfunctioning within the original game... or else we left it alone. That's what any legitimate patch should do: fix bugs, not introduce new ones. Why do you think I called it the "True Patch" in the first place..?  Wink

Back to Wesp's UP fiasco...

Of the remaining items on that list, most of them represent completely arbitrary modifications to the game. Those items were not broken, nor were they malfunctioning in any ways whatsoever in the vanilla game. Wesp and his adolescent followers simply decided that the game would be "better" if those items were modified. That's not a patch -- that's a mod.

I laughed when I saw his note about the screen fonts. There is nothing wrong with the screen fonts in VTMB, aside from a small error in the letter "W" file from the Intimidation font set (which I repaired in the True Patch). If Wesp or anyone else is having trouble reading things in Bloodlines, then I suggest getting a larger monitor. Or maybe get an eye exam... you might need glasses. But resizing the fonts is completely unnecessary and might actually end up making the game look too "console-ish," for lack of a better term.

I always wondered why Bertram Tung never reacted to being smacked... until I looked at the SM hub map file. He was set that way on purpose by Troika, to prevent him from possibly wandering away from a couple of hidden map triggers in his lair. Hence he remains rooted in one place and will not engage the player in combat. Venus Dare inside the Confession Club is rooted in the same way and for the same reason. This was a design choice by Troika, and it represents a concession to the imposition of required map mechanics. What Wesp has done here is to potentially introduce another NEW bug which did not exist in the original game.

Another big chunk of those patch notes seems to be filled with lots and lots of completely arbitrary texture and model changes. I have no doubt that many of those changes were pushed into the UP by inept "modders" (and I use that term loosely), such as Moocha and a few others from the PV crowd. I wouldn't let those untalented bozos re-skin my copy of Diablo II... let alone a game as beautiful and intricate as Bloodlines. But once again, Wesp is making his PV buddies happy... and simultaneously forcing those arbitrary (and amateurish) changes upon EVERYONE who unwisely installs his UP.

Now then, regarding Wesp's "restoration" of unused floats:

First of all, we need to explain to everyone what a "float" refers to in VTMB. Specifically, floats are audio files, which contain spoken incidental dialogue for various NPC's. A float is triggered when the player gets within a certain distance and angle to the NPC in question. When you get close enough, it triggers a float line and the NPC will mutter something or other in response. Usually, these lines of incidental dialogue are really just a bunch of muttering... such as "Sorry, no speak English" for the Chinese girls, or "A little deodorant tonight maybe, baby?" for Misti in Vesuvius. Stuff like that... just a bit of ambient chatter.

During the creation of my own VTMB Mega-Mod, I played around quite a bit with all of those unused float lines. And as I was testing them out, I quickly began to realize why Troika had DECIDED to disable most of them in the final game. The reason is because when you enable all of those float lines, the NPC's start to become REALLY annoying and idiotic after awhile. They repeat the same lines often... and as a result, they become less believable as real people. Instead, they come across as a bunch of mindless, chattering automatons. So in my own Mega-Mod, I decided to use only a very select few of those previously unused float lines. I left the rest of them disabled... as they should be.

If you have ever played TES: Oblivion and listened to the incidental conversations that occur between the NPC's in that game, then you will get an even better idea of what I am talking about here. At first, it is delightful to hear the NPC's talking at odd moments. It seems to add more realism to the game, right..? Well... wrong. Because after awhile, their dialogue ends up becoming a cacophony of idiotic chatter... to the point where it can actually become immersion-breaking. Eventually, the player ends up shouting "SHUT UP, already..!!! You sound like a fucking ROBOT..!!!"

Hence the omission of most of the float lines from the final version of VTMB. I have no doubt that after they did a few test runs, Troika noticed the same immersion-breaking factors as I did and thus, they wisely decided to scrap most of those floats from the final version of VTMB. So once again, Wesp has re-inserted a bunch of cutting room floor garbage back into Bloodlines... without once considering whether or not it actually belonged there. "Oh goody... look at what I found..!!! Let's put this back into the game, even if it sucks..!!!" As usual, Wesp is laboring under the "more is always better" mindset... which in the case of an atmospheric RPG like Bloodlines, is entirely the WRONG mindset for anyone to adopt. Mood and atmosphere are FAR more important in an RPG than simple bells and whistles.

I will finish up my comments about the float lines by pointing out something else that everyone may not be aware of. Those unused float lines were not omitted because of a lack of time on Troika's part. They were omitted ON PURPOSE by Troika. How do I know this..? Because I know how those lines are triggered, that's why. Whenever an NPC was added to the map, Troika started with a set of default map entries which are common for every single NPC. Those default entries included references to float lines and float frequency. The float files had already been recorded and the float directories had already been established... hence the game maps were automatically generated (at first) with all of those float references included. TO DISABLE THEM MEANT HAVING TO GO BACK INTO THE MAPS AND EDIT OUT THOSE FLOAT LINES ONE AT A TIME, which is obviously MORE WORK on Troika's part. Get the picture..? Those float lines had to be DELIBERATELY DISABLED by Troika, otherwise ALL of them would be functioning by default. Bottom line: the float lines in VTMB were disabled because that is the way Troika wanted the game to be. DISABLING THEM WAS INTENTIONAL ON TROIKA's PART. IT HAD TO BE.

Sorry for the rant, but most VTMB players have no idea how the nuts-and-bolts of this game operate and hence, they can be very easily misled by an egocentric jackass like Wesp. Those are not "restorations," folks. Troika took out the garbage... but then Wesp ran out to the curb, and hauled it right back into the house. Errm, so to speak.  Tongue

The same can be said for a shocking number of the remaining items on that huge list.

Once again, I wish to thank Schu for taking the time to do a line-by-line analysis of Wesp's deceptively mislabeled "unofficial patch." The more we dig into Wesp's patch notes, the more horseshit we discover.

I know Wesp has never been to L.A., or he would know better. I have lived in Harbor City, Wilmington and Santa Monica, so I can tell you this. You are lucky if you see even one cop car a day in those areas. The only reason you see so many cops downtown or in Hollywierd, is because of gang activity or to help protect the tourists.

I lived in Hollywood for 12 years. You are absolutely correct. 100 percent. There's a few cops who patrol the tourist traps and as for the rest of town, it's basically an un-patrolled war zone. Troika did it right -- and Wesp is doing it wrong. But what else is new.
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« Reply #3 on: June 02, 2011, 06:26:39 PM »

Your welcome, I was happy to do it, but I will not ever do something like this again  Tongue Though I have to admit, it was an interesting experience, going through his patch notes, then testing the different versions of the UP, then going through the UP files to try and find what he did to break it. As the vets of these boards know, I had been at this for a couple of months.

The True Patch, on the other hand, has NEVER introduced any new bugs to Bloodlines. We either fixed something that was legitimately malfunctioning within the original game... or else we left it alone. That's what any legitimate patch should do: fix bugs, not introduce new ones. Why do you think I called it the "True Patch" in the first place..?  Wink

The highlighted part of this quote is one of many reasons I use the True Patch. If anyone looks carefully at some of my comments, you will see that Wesp "fixed" some invisible Python bugs. One of the things I have learned as a CNC machinist (and now an amateur Python programer), is that some times you have to introduce a bug (or a command that makes no sense) into the program to get the program to work properly and that doesn't mean it will create an error. It is usually done to prevent the system from malfunctioning. Wesp apparently doesn't know this, because those so-called invisible Python bugs may be there for a good reason, which means he may have introduced a new bug or as many as 100 (it could even cause the system to crash), depending on the bug, and there are quite a few still in Bloodlines.

"If it ain't broke dont fix it." I honestly believe that Acrimonious and Tessera know this well and my hat is off to them for doing such a great job.

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« Reply #4 on: June 02, 2011, 08:46:18 PM »

"If it ain't broke dont fix it." I honestly believe that Acrimonious and Tessera know this well

Indeed. Back when we were creating version 5.04AT of the True Patch, that saying became a sort of mantra for us both. There were lots of times when one or the other of us would bring up a particular issue that we discovered within the game files... and whenever we had a dispute over how to handle it, we would fall back upon that mantra. "Is it actually broken..? No..? Well then, if it ain't broke, then don't fix it."

And believe me, we had plenty of small disputes along the way. But since our ultimate goal was to avoid introducing arbitrary changes as much as possible, we ended up tossing lots and lots of ideas into the waste basket. We were making a patch -- not a mod. So all of those nifty ideas were shelved, on the assumption that we could always include them within an optional VTMB mod in the future.

Anyway, that happens to be my own personal set of ethics, when it comes to producing third-party patches. The end user should always be allowed to play the actual game that they paid for... not someone else's arbitrary and subjective rewrite of it. It isn't up to me to force any changes whatsoever upon the end user that weren't absolutely necessary. I'm not a dictator.

But obviously, Wesp and his crew have an entirely different set of ethics... or maybe they don't care about ethics at all. You be the judge. I've already made up my mind about Wesp, a long time ago.

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« Reply #5 on: June 12, 2011, 05:11:10 PM »

Well now, I am really surprised that none of the UP users have come here to comment on this list, even jerky is silent (I think we scared him off Tessera). It has been up for 10 days now and I even got a PM on the Steam forums from Wesp about it, yet I still only hear crickets.

Like I said before and I'll say it again. I am not above altering/correcting the list for accuracy, but you must bring solid information on what and why a certain part should be changed (no generalizations please, that means no more change logs, the list is long enough as is) and dont try and pick a fight/argument.....that will lead to nowhere, plus you will lose. I want good info not opinion, also if you are asked a legit question, just answer it, dont continue to argue a moot point to step around the question.

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« Reply #6 on: June 12, 2011, 05:31:03 PM »

Well now, I am really surprised that none of the UP users have come here to comment on this list

Because they know that it's accurate -- and they don't have any rational rebuttal for it. What could they possibly say..?

All you did was to create a list of exactly which things were arbitrarily altered by Wesp... in -every- version of his grotesquely mis-labeled "patch." You didn't make any of that stuff up... it was taken directly from Wesp's own patch notes, along with your own examinations of Wesp's code blocks. And anyone who wanted to could easily verify your list as being 100% genuine.

Sure, you've expressed a few personal opinions about Wesp's changes along the way, but personal opinions do not negate the facts of the matter.

So if you were one of Wesp's acolytes, then exactly what sort of retort would you have for a topic like this..? Because I'm a smart guy and I can't think of a single argument to make against it. The facts are the facts. Not liking a fact doesn't make it any less true. But try telling that to the PV pee-wees, who spend half of their time sucking Wesp's cock and the other half pretending to be a cute little carebear Rambo with fangs.

It is what it is... and it proves beyond all doubt that it has been Wesp... not us... who has been lying through his Kraut teeth for the past six years. He has stolen work from others (including from us), he has lied about a plethora of arbitrary changes that he has introduced to VTMB without any justification, he has been engaged in a perpetual circle-jerk with the entire PV community, and he more or less does anything and everything that they ask him to do. Just kiss Wesp's wrinkly balls and he'll give you whatever you want... no matter how dumbed-down, ridiculous, childish, inappropriate or overpowered it might be. And then, he imposes all of that unwarranted crappola upon EVERYONE who unwittingly downloads and installs his horrible "unofficial patch."

I love this topic. It makes me feel vindicated, after five years of accusing Wesp of all of the above... and being publicly lambasted for doing so. Many thanks, Schu.  Cool

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« Reply #7 on: June 12, 2011, 08:24:45 PM »

Yeah, you're most likely right. I guess I'm just getting tired of Wesp's PMs over on Steam. Maybe I'll just stop checking that account all together and maybe he'll figure it out that, that is not the forum for the discussion.

For you UP supporters, maybe Wesp should check forums and his own notes more often. He brought up the cop cars for the second time in his PMs to me and I remember very clearly that he mentioned having to do something about the cop car he put in front of Bertrums home, so that people could get threw the gate. I dont remember if it was on the Steam or the PV forums, but when I find it again I will post the link in this post.

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« Reply #8 on: June 12, 2011, 09:20:07 PM »

Heh... has Wesp managed to offer any defense for his slew of lies about the supposed "repairs" that his UP features..?

I'm referring to all of the bogus "repairs" which turned out to actually be things that Wesp himself broke, in previous iterations of his rotten "patch."

Which... we now know... accounts for more than half of the "repairs" that Wesp keeps listing within his patch notes.  laugh

And so far as the whole cop cars issue, it was completely idiotic and downright WRONG for Wesp to have added them in the first place. I have already said why, earlier in this thread. I could add a hundred cop cars to any map, if I wanted to. But they do not belong there, period. The presence of extra cops simply undermines and destroys the entire lore of the game. Not that Wesp ever gave a shit about lore and canon, mind you. I think that much has already been made clear by Wesp, on numerous occasions. "Fuck the lore... fuck the canon... let's just do whatever we wanna do and then force every single other UP user to accept all of this insane crappola."

Wesp should go to work for Electronic Arts. He'd be right at home there.... destroying masterpieces and undermining brilliantly creative people. He'd be a natural for that job. He should send them the UP as his resume.

“I don't care that they stole my ideas... I care that they don't have any ideas of their own”
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« Reply #9 on: July 29, 2011, 05:41:11 PM »

Heh... has Wesp managed to offer any defense for his slew of lies about the supposed "repairs" that his UP features..?

I'm referring to all of the bogus "repairs" which turned out to actually be things that Wesp himself broke, in previous iterations of his rotten "patch."

Which... we now know... accounts for more than half of the "repairs" that Wesp keeps listing within his patch notes.  laugh

Sorry for the very late response Tess, to answer your question, NO, but he has admitted (at least on the Steam forums) that he was the one who caused an issue, when a few people bitch about it. To date my favorite Wesp bug is when he changed the Python engine from 2.1 to 2.7 without editing the script to match, then placing the blame on Win 7 instead of himself.

Okay, to let everyone know why I popped back in to this thread. I am working on adding the UP's 7.6, 7.6a and 7.6b to the OP along with my usual banter and uncalled for comments  Grin as well as some miner changes I missed before.

EDIT: I added the new info, I still got to do some editing though.
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« Reply #10 on: July 30, 2011, 12:21:11 AM »

So, Wesp has NOT admitted to it. Typical.

There are literally dozens and dozens of bogus "repairs" listed in Wesp's patch notes. Not just a few... but DOZENS AND DOZENS of them. All of them are references to things which were NOT broken in the original, plain-vanilla game -- but they are in fact things which Wesp himself broke, in previous versions of his horrible "patch." And yet, despite having it laid out for him right here in black and white, Wesp continues to dodge this issue and pretend that all of his supposed "fixes" are legitimate. Well I'm sorry Wesp but no, a large percentage of your "fixes" are not legitimate and therefore, neither is your inappropriately named "unofficial patch."

Jesus, what a bullshit artist he is. For the past five years, Wesp has accused me of "lying" about his work. Well I swear to you people that I have never done any such thing... and this thread right here proves it. We have finally dissected Wesp's patch notes... point for point... something which Wesp probably thought that we would never actually bother to do. Oh really..?

Well, thanks to Schu's excellent efforts, we have indeed gone ahead and done it, Wesp. And guess what..? Guess who the liar turned out to be, Wesp..? I'll give you a hint: this thread proves that it was NEVER me who was lying. It's all right here, in no uncertain terms. And keep in mind that I did not create this thread, nor did I ask anyone to create it. Schu went ahead and did this on his own, after he got tired of seeing all of the lies and obfuscations coming from Wesp and his viral goon squad. So who does that leave, Wesp..? Who is the self-serving asshole who has been shamelessly lying to Bloodlines players for the past six years (and counting)..? If you are still unsure who the real liar is Werner, then just take a look in the mirror. You've been bullshitting people about the contents of your idiotic "patch" ever since 2005, Wesp. You know it, I know it, and now... thanks to Schu... the entire world knows it, too. This thread is posted in the public section of our board, Wesp... which means that it has already been thoroughly indexed by Google and other search engines. In short, anyone can find it and read it... and they HAVE been. There have already been tens of thousands of Google hits on this topic. Obviously, the larger Bloodlines community cares a great deal about the truth.

Stick a fork in Wesp... he's done.   laugh

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« Reply #11 on: July 30, 2011, 08:10:05 PM »

AAAAHH, what happened to the old list, none of the links that lead to it work (it's all over the Steam forums right now), and it had all of the info for everything other than the UP.

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The longer we wait, the worse it gets.

« Reply #12 on: July 30, 2011, 10:13:57 PM »

Looks like Tess moved it to an invisible area of the board, since it was out of date. Undecided

Edit: I've just moved it back, so hopefully folks can find it again. Wink

FROM TESSERA:  Ooops.... sorry. I was under the impression that the older thread had been superseded by this newer one. My bad.
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« Reply #13 on: July 30, 2011, 10:52:23 PM »

Thanks Cylnar, I will put something together that will kind of merge the 2 so that everything will be there.

Damn Steam and their sales, the forums over there are fucking nuts right now, and poor, poor Wesp is finding out how fucked up his mod is by all of the complaints. The only complaint I have seen about the TPG is not being able to get into the tessmage site.
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« Reply #14 on: July 31, 2011, 07:59:19 AM »

Wesp is finding out how fucked up his mod is by all of the complaints.

I am glad to see that so many people are finally starting to see the light. And to think -- it only took six years..!!! LOL. But hey... better late than never. Wesp has absolutely ruined this gem of a game and I am relieved to see that a growing number of Bloodlines players are finally waking up to that fact. I know that my own behavior has been less than diplomatic during the course of this "patch war," but the fact remains that I have always been telling everyone the truth about Wesp and his horrible "patch." It truly is an abortion... and everyone who wishes to play Bloodlines bug-free should avoid Wesp's unreliable kiddie krap and stick with the True Patch.

Aspiring VTMB modders should likewise build their mods on top of the True Patch and use that version of the game as their standard. In time, the larger VTMB community will thank you. Not only is the True Patch more streamlined and reliable, but unlike Wesp's work, it isn't being revised and re-issued every second Tuesday. So if you are looking for a stable and consistent platform upon which to build your mods, then the True Patch is your very best option. That's the bottom line.

And listen up, people: whether you like me or hate me makes no difference. The facts are still the facts, regardless of anyone's personal feelings. It has never been my goal to be everybody's little friend. I'll leave that kind of idiocy to insecure people-pleasers like Wesp. No, my primary concern has always been the integrity of Bloodlines, as well as what is in the best interests of the larger Bloodlines community. Period. End of story.

The only complaint I have seen about the TPG is not being able to get into the tessmage site.

This is an adults-only web site. It is not open to kids. This shouldn't be an issue however, because in my considered opinion, Bloodlines is an adults-only game. So if you are old enough to play Bloodlines in the first place, then you should be old enough to join, too.

And also, there are quite a few IP's out there which have been abused in the past (by spammers, hackers and so forth), so many of of those IP's have been permanently blocked from accessing this board. I did not create that problem... I merely responded to it, by taking preemptive action.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause to a small handful of legitimate users... but it could not be helped. My suggestion would be to complain to your internet service provider, and demand that they do a better job of regulating the malicious activities coming from the users of their own network. It is their responsibility to fix this problem... not mine. My sole concern is to keep this board free from any nitwits, under-aged babies, spambots and troublemakers.

And now, let's get back to the topic of this thread. I'd just like to make a comment about one of the random items in Wesp's patch notes. I'll quote Schu first, and then add my own comment:

"Made Tseng not offer blood as he doesn't even know about vampires.         (MOD)"

Please tell us, how do you know this? Do you happen to be Brian Mitsoda or Tim Caine in disguise? Thats real smart....get rid of 1 out of 2 blood venders in the game. Oh I'm sorry you killed or pissed off Vandal now you cant buy any blood, to bad for you, if you use the UP.

This is indeed idiotic. Not to mention that Wesp is employing inconsistent logic. If Tseng doesn't know about vampires, then we may as well deduce that he doesn't know about the power of occult items, either. Why..? Because for him not to know about vampires would mean that he is oblivious as to the existence of supernatural entities in our world. Which incidentally has NOT been established about Tseng in ANY of the lore from this game. We have no idea what Tseng knows or doesn't know. But okay, if Tseng doesn't know anything about the supernatural, then that also includes magical occult items, does it not..? And yet Wesp did not take those away from Tseng's list of items for sale... he only removed the blood bags.

Now before anyone says "But there is a difference between blood bags and weird trinkets," let me remind you that to make assumptions about one... but not about the other... is both baseless and irrational. Wesp is going to have to do better than that... especially if he is once again going to take it upon himself to fuck up a major game mechanic in Bloodlines.

Blood bags are not a magical item... they are not supernatural... they are simply blood bags. There is no reason not to sell them, if there are people who want to buy them. Tseng could have any number of reasons for selling such things -- not the least of which is the fact that there is an enormous coven of Keui-Jin living RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from his shop. So maybe they buy blood bags sometimes. Or maybe they don't. Or maybe there's a Satanic cult around the corner who buys them. Or maybe there's a freaky crack whore living upstairs, who likes to roll around in human blood when she has sex. IT DOESN'T MATTER. The fact remains that Wesp has once again taken it upon himself to interfere with the lore of Bloodlines and make all sorts of poorly considered value judgments. In short, he is once again second-guessing Troika, as Schu has already pointed out.

Wesp's amateurishly conceived "patches" are filled from top to bottom with shit like this. But I just wanted to home in on this particular example, so as to illustrate an important point about Wesp's work in general.

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« Reply #15 on: July 31, 2011, 03:22:36 PM »

Thanks for post about the ISP's, I'll pass that info on to the Steam boards.

As far as Tseng gos, you're right, we dont know enough of his history or his place in Bloodlines lore. To add to what you posted, Tseng could also be selling the blood to the Tong for medical purposes.

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« Reply #16 on: July 31, 2011, 03:38:39 PM »

Well the thing is, some of the blood that Tseng is selling is "blue blood," which does indeed have some supernatural properties (for vampires).

But that fact changes nothing. We don't know diddly-squat about Tseng. He could be somebody's ghoul, for all we know. Or he could be an occultist, in league with Mr. Ox across the street. The bottom line is that Tseng's character is largely undefined... so he could be anybody. Or anything.

Therefore, for Wesp or anyone else to make flat statements about who Tseng is and what he knows is absolutely baseless and unjustified. It is yet another example of Wesp dumping an arbitrary change into the game on a whim... and not for any good and rational reasons.

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« Reply #17 on: August 06, 2011, 01:18:26 PM »


Have you looked into the allegation that in addition to all of the other things which you have mentioned, Wesp has also added files to his "patch" which do not do anything at all..?

I am referring to a bunch of files which, so far as I can tell, Wesp has added to his "patch" simply to "pad it out," meaning that he added them simply to make his patch look bigger and more comprehensive than it actually is.

Here... I'll give you a random example...

Within Wesp's "patch" are a ton of model files. This would of course lead one to think that Wesp and his pals have somehow managed to make all sorts of repairs to various Bloodlines models. Or more accurately, Wesp's contributors have supposedly performed a bunch of model repairs, not Wesp... because I know for a fact that Wesp himself does not possess the necessary skills to modify 3-D Source models and textures. Wesp is just a nuts-and-bolts guy. He lacks the knowledge to work on models and textures -- and he has admitted as much. So any such repairs that you find within Wesp's "patch" were most certainly performed by people other than Wesp.

But okay, back to my example...

Just for kicks, I opened up a few of the supposedly "repaired" model files from Wesp's "patch" in a nifty little utility called a binary hex comparator. What this utility does is to examine a pair of binary files and then display any and all differences between the two files. And since it is looking directly at the binary hex code itself, it is essentially fool-proof. If any differences exist... no matter how tiny... then the hex comparator will find them.

Well, guess what..? When I compared a few of the model files from Wesp's "patch" to the original, default versions... yup, you're already getting ahead of me... I found NO DIFFERENCES AT ALL. Nothing... not even the most tiny of differences exist between the original Troika files, and the identical files from Wesp's "patch."

In short: Wesp placed those files into his "patch" simply to make it look bigger and more impressive. But in reality, the files that Wesp added to his "patch" are 100 PERCENT IDENTICAL TO THE ORIGINAL FILES IN EVERY SINGLE RESPECT.

Conclusion: those files were not "repaired." They are in fact exactly the same as the original versions... right down to the last byte of data.

Well then, why did Wesp add them to his "patch" in the first place..? Why would anyone add unaltered files from the original game into a supposed "patch..?" To deceive people..?

So anyway, I was just wondering if you had taken a look to see if there are any other examples of this "patch padding" by Wesp.  


Just so people don't think that I am making this up, let me show you a screenshot of an actual pair of files loaded into my hex comparator program. The first file is the original file from the game. The second file underneath it is the exact same MDL (model) file, but taken from Wesp's "patch." According to Wesp, the file from his "patch" has been "repaired" in some miraculous way. But let's see what happens when we ask the hex comparator to examine both files and display any differences between their actual code:

Here are the screenshots, showing the two files loaded up one above the other, and me asking the comparator to search for any and all differences between them:

NOTE: I had to shrink those images down in order to fit them onto this page. Click on each image if you would like to see the full-sized version.

The file on the top is the original, unaltered file from Bloodlines. In this case, it is a female biped model used during the opening courtroom scenes from the intro of VTMB.

The file on the bottom is the model file of the same name, taken from Wesp's "unofficial patch."

Hmm... no differences of any kind whatsoever. How peculiar. So then, I asked the hex comparator to print out a complete list of all differences which occur anywhere within the two files being examined. And this is what it had to report:

Different between:
First file: "E:\VTMB_TPG_Test_Copy_NO_MODS\Vampire\models\cinematic\santa_monica\courtroom\courtroom_bip1_female.mdl"
Second file: "J:\Temp\Wesp Patch\Vampire\models\cinematic\santa_monica\courtroom\courtroom_bip1_female.mdl"

That big red "0" tells it all: there are zero differences between the files in Wesp's patch, and the original files from Bloodlines. None... no changes of any kind whatsoever. The two model files are indeed 100% identical in every conceivable way. Not only have they not been "repaired," but they have not been altered in any ways whatsoever... period.

The plot thickens, eh..?     Roll Eyes

“I don't care that they stole my ideas... I care that they don't have any ideas of their own”
― Nikola Tesla
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